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1 United States

I signed up for only 3 months for 15.00 dollars "" After the 3 months assumed that the company would email me towards my end of 3 months. My computer was down a few days and was unable to notify them of cancellation just in case something like this would happen. I signed no authorization and as far as I'm concerned, that they can just help themselves out of your account when all they should have to do is cancel my membership. I wasn't even a member. It was a trial thing. Am I about to be ripped off again because of technicalities or just bein' ignorant? I called the company and the person refused to reimburse my transaction back into my credit card. I was only 2 days past the 3 months according to them. It's not just the money. It's the principle and legal scams these people get away with. I had to find the right info in order to discontinue the automatic withrawal inwhich I didn't even know about. Without joining first there is no info about this kind of process. Then it's to late to cancel.

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