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DonnaPlay Complaints & Reviews / unknown - charges made for unknown reason

Tom Bourke on Nov 21, 2018

my debit card is being charged 2.95 Usd for no reason. It has occurred on two occasions - 1st October 2018; 31st October 2018 It is related to an offer made by made to use their App to listen to a sporting event in late September. I downloaded the App and it did not work. I...

Donnaplay / unauthorized debit charges

Sylvia Greville on Nov 11, 2018

Donna play had a 5 day trial and at the end or the trial it was stated 9.99 a month would be debited instead 72.00 wad debited from my account I did not authorize this I have emailed customer support but received no reply this is the part of e mail... * 5 Day Free Trial Details: You are...

Donnaplay / stealing

Gloria Ortiz on Nov 7, 2017

I'm not sure how donnaplay was able to get my credit card number and I certainly didn't expect to find 3years of fraudulent charges on my bank account! In October 2017 I finally figured out how to use my on line banking ! I saw a charge from donnaplay in the amount of $39.95 Just to be sure...

Donnaplay / don't know

Ina Venter on May 25, 2017

Three years they put a direct debit through my credit card. I am on oxygen 24 hours a day . Therefore I did not use my card regular and one day I realise someone is using my account. I tried several stopped this. But as it was three years the fraudulent department could not help...

Donnaplay / Fraud and false advertisement and unauthorized paid

Barbara Cenni Campbell on Feb 6, 2017 have charged USD 15.99 every months from my VISA debit card since 2015, but I have never ordered a subscription. I come across the homepage and I might have been offered a trial subscription, but I have never accepted a paid subscription. I paid USD 15.99 last...

Donnaplay / Account payments

GeorgiaJ2000 on Nov 23, 2016

I signed up and it said I was paying $0.00 I checked my Bank account and $50.42 has been taken out of my account. I want my money back and I no longer want to be registered to this company. I need that money back as I have payments that need to be made. If I had known it would take money out...

Donnaplay / Unauthorized paid

ElenaT. on Oct 26, 2016

Yesterday I found an item named 'DONNAPLAY.COM 1-6463285024 GB USD 13.5' in my credit card transaction records. It's a big shock to me because I could not remember I had have any payment in USD (I stay in Hong Kong and China) and could not remember how I paid at that day. More shock i... / Donnaplay subscription

Mary Clarke-Miller on Oct 16, 2016

Hi I have a charge showing on my Visa for Donnaplay and I have no recollection of signing up for this and have no way to access a fictitious account to unsubscribe - i went back to check earlier months and see that I have been charged at least since last April - i did not spot as I get the...

Donnaplay / No service taken

dipanshu on Sep 4, 2016

I haven't ever heard about this site or used it as well. However, this company finds its place in my account book, deducting money from my account for the services I have never taken. How it got hold of my card information is still a mystery. Quora describes this site as fraud, and I...

Donnaplay / Unauthorized debit card charges

Sara Koppel on Sep 2, 2016

I have been charged £11.95 for online/phone/mail order purchases at the beginning of each month since October 2015. I have never used or even heard of this company. The first date I was charged £11.95 by DonnaPlay is 9th October 2015 and the most recent is 1st September 2016. I have been charged... / The whole business

jessejocelyn on Aug 29, 2016

Put in three different credit cards to "sign up" for a free trial, each time it stated my "card could not be authorized, " therefore no account was created. Not true. Pulled my statement, and two of them indeed were charged. Their "call center" is a third party company that won't even give...

Donnaplay / Subscription

Michael Milburne on Aug 8, 2016

I would like to unsubscribe to my Donna play account as I didn't realise I had a direct debit payment plan. I have never used the site and don't have any intention on using it. Can you immediately stop any further transactions been direct debited. Also immediately unsubscribe me... / Unauthorized credit card charge

Amy Ginsburg on Jul 31, 2016

I have no idea who this company is. I first noticed a charge of $2.95 on a credit card for 7/28/16, although they may go back further. But I would never sign up for any kind of free service that would eventually start charging me. I only access media through Amazon Prime or Roku and since...

Donnaplay / Movies

Magoo Taumata Rau Trikes on Jul 27, 2016

27/7/16 Approximately 1 month ago I joined Donna Play for the movies was disappointed with the product and virtually cancelled my membership a few hours Later Now 27/7/16 Donna Play have found a way to get past 2 Visa Cards that have been Cancelled and replaced also have got past a new...

Donnaplay / unauthorized credit card charges

Natik Shifat on Jul 23, 2016

Well it all started on 21st may when I got an external link from about donnaplay in order to watch the movie with a high resolution but as I went to register they simultaneously asked for my credit card info.I believed since letme is a big website.This site could also be...

Donnaplay / Movie streaming

Adalecky95 on Jul 22, 2016

when you sign up the first thing you see is YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED FOR SUBMITTING YOUR CARD INFORMATION, WE USE YOUR CARD TO VERIFY YOUR COUNTRY AS WE CAN ONLY STREAM IN CERTAIN COUNTRIES. so I made the account, then it said 5 day free trial. sure. whatever. I didn't want it after...

Donnaplay / This site is terrible

Oleg on Jul 19, 2016

I signed up thinking DonnaPlay was a reputable company. But then they've started charging me for who knows what and continued taking my money! Contacted DonnaPlay and asked them to stop and they said ok but that did not happen. Contacted them again and asked them to delete my account and...

Donnaplay / Unauthorised charge by donnaplay

Amitava Roy on Jul 10, 2016

On 10th July, 2016 I wanted to see a movie ' the da vinci code' in youtube. One clip took me to donnaplay site. They took all details of my credit card and promised that it is free upto 15th July. After few minutes I got SMS that my credit card has been charge by 2 amounts. $2.95...

Donnaplay / My credit card has been debited twice for transactions not authorised

Julie Townrow on Jul 6, 2016

On Saturday the 2nd of July I was searching the NET for a movie that had been screened on TV, due to transmission faults I was unable to complete watching the movie, I carried out a net search to see if I could download the movie. in the search engine to continue searching I was asked to... / apply free trial by it has charge as premium

JJew on Jun 30, 2016

I apply for free trial but it was automatically changed to premium when I submit the information. So I cancelled after that immediately as refer Cancellation Confirmation Reference Number: 55998256. You can see your mail at date and time which you sent confirmation of register and cancellation to me. Why I still has the charge in my credit card.