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unauthorized charge

Droolplay deducted money from my account it is pending on my account at this time I just talked to my bank if it goes thru tomorrow they told me to come in and dispute which I intend to because I didn't charge anything I had never heard of droolplay until my card service called me with a alert of activity on my card because I only pay my bills out of this account I'm not able to work and my income is limited so what kind of company is this to take money out of someone's account without their permission or knowledge.

droolplay withdraw money from my account

droolplay is taking money from my account sometimes twice a month for a service that i do not use. i want to cancel whatever subscription i must have immediately. there has been 50.00 taken out. im a single mum of two kids and need every dollar to put food on my table. droolplay took my last 10.00 which i kept in my bank for urgent bread n milk etc .. i cant make the phone call to cancel as i live in Australia .

credit card not allowed/frais de carte de crédit non autorisé


July 19 and August 19 your site charged me $ 53.67

While I do not even know why, or even who you are.

Then I demand that the payments cease and I will like that the payment will be refunded to me as soon as possible.

Know that I already contact my bank and he told me that you should write to me message that they are the legal rights to contact the police in case of need or you would refuse my legitimate request.

In attachment I of my report of the month of July 2019 with your bill highlight in blue. Being identified: FEECTRLVIEW.COM [protected] GBR

Unfortunately I have not yet received my report of the month of August 2019, at the moment when I'm writing message

If you ever have questions you can contact me on my e-mail address: [protected]@gamail.com


le 19 juillet et le 19 août votre site ma facturé un montant de 53, 67$

Alors que je ne sais même pas pourquoi, ni même se qui vous êtes.

Alors j'exige que les payement cesse et aimerai bien que le payement me sois rembourser dans les plus bref délai.

Sachez que j'ai déjà contacter ma banque et il mon dit que devais vous écrire se message pour qu'ils est les droits légaux de contacté les force de l'ordre dans le cas échéant ou vous refuseriez ma demande légitime.

En pièce jointe je de mon bilan du mois de juillet 2019 avec votre facture surligner en bleu. Étant identifier : FEECTRLVIEW.COM [protected] GBR

Malheureusement je n'est pas encore reçu mon bilan du mois de août 2019, au moment ou j'écrie se message

Si jamais vous avez des question vous pouvez me contacté sur mon adresse e-mail : [protected]@gamail.com

credit card not allowed/frais de carte de crédit non autorisé


unauthorized bank cards charges

I had checked by bank statements and saw that there was 2 unauthorized charges to my account. The first was on 01/03/2019 with $13.99 deducted and the second was on 27/03/2019 with $3.53 deducted. This is uncalled for and bad advertisement. Doing free trial for no costs but require bank card details to confirm but then charging people without there knowledge is not right. I would like to get a full refund back of the amount taken from me without knowing it.

  • Na
    Nadene Aguilar Jul 30, 2019

    I was sent an email of the Friday 26th to say I had won a Samsung S10. It sent me to links where it requested by credit card details. Then said “Your Credit cars will NOT be charged”. Then took me to another page discussing monthly plans for the device so I clicked out of the email and deleted it. Then I see this charge for $1.44 come up on my credit card. I do not want the phone or the plan. Do not charge my credit card any more transactions. I will cancel the card if you do not comply and you won’t be able to get any more money anyway

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unknown - charges made for unknown reason

my debit card is being charged 2.95 Usd for no reason. It has occurred on two occasions - 1st October 2018; 31st October 2018
It is related to an offer made by donnaplay.com made to use their App to listen to a sporting event in late September. I downloaded the App and it did not work. I emailed them and closed the so-called trial period of the account. Also uninstalled the App. I received a notification of closure of the trial period account. However the monthly debits to my debit card appear to have begun.
I demand the refund of both deductions made to date and for donnaplay.com to cease and desist taking funds from my debit card account.

My name is Tom Bourke
My email address is [protected]@gmail.com
My debit card # is [protected]

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unauthorized debit charges

Donna play had a 5 day trial and at the end or the trial it was stated 9.99 a month would be debited instead 72.00 wad debited from my account I did not authorize this I have emailed customer support but received no reply this is the part of e mail... * 5 Day Free Trial Details: You are currently signed up to a 5 Day Free Trial (Expires Oct 29th, 18). If you are satisfied with donnaplay Premium, your membership will automatically renew at 9.95 per month after your trial expires. You can easily switch to a Regular membership at any time during your trial by visiting donnaplay Support or by calling us at [protected] / [protected] . Please review the terms and conditions during your trial.


I'm not sure how donnaplay was able to get my credit card number and I certainly didn't expect to find 3years of fraudulent charges on my bank account! In October 2017 I finally figured out how to use my on line banking ! I saw a charge from donnaplay in the amount of $39.95
Just to be sure no other charges were made I went all the way back to 2015
Donnaplay had been taking $39.95 pluse International fees from my account every month!
My bank will not replace the money they would only replace 60days of this is steeling!!!

don't know

Three years they put a direct debit through my credit card. I am on oxygen 24 hours a day . Therefore I did not use my card regular and one day I realise someone is using my account. I tried several times.to stopped this. But as it was three years the fraudulent department could not help me. I am going to get a case number at the police station. What else is there to do. I can not lose R 15 000 plus card costs .

Fraud and false advertisement and unauthorized paid

Donnaplay.com have charged USD 15.99 every months from my VISA debit card since 2015, but I have never ordered a subscription. I come across the homepage donnaplay.com and I might have been offered a trial subscription, but I have never accepted a paid subscription. I paid USD 15.99 last 9/29/2016 donnaplay.com 1-[protected].
Donnaplay site came up always and the advertisement said: for free. Also it said this number is for registration only and will not take out any money without your permission.
That is Unauthorized paid in my credit card transaction records.
I want the subscription canceled, and I want my money back. The total amount is USD 335.79. Also they are holding my card information and not cancelling my free membership. I wonder what USA state authorities are doing regarding this.

Please reply for confirm and please help regarding my request.

Jack Campbell 818.399.9900
Barbara Cenni Campbell Jack's wife 818.219.0646

Account payments

I signed up and it said I was paying $0.00
I checked my Bank account and $50.42 has been taken out of my account. I want my money back and I no longer want to be registered to this company.
I need that money back as I have payments that need to be made. If I had known it would take money out f my account I would never have signed up for such a site. Please help me

Unauthorized paid

Yesterday I found an item named 'DONNAPLAY.COM 1-[protected] GB USD 13.5' in my credit card transaction records. It's a big shock to me because I could not remember I had have any payment in USD (I stay in Hong Kong and China) and could not remember how I paid at that day. More shock is that this item appeared in previous monthly. I made a call to the bank to ask what happened to my credit. They said they could check only last four months records, and all included this item. The bank could not help cancel the payment, so I ask they to cancel my credit card.

I could not remember when I used my credit card to register any website for any service, and have opened this credit card at least two years while never check the transaction record.

This website DONNAPLAY.COM is a big scam. They scam me at least USD 30. Can anyone tell me how to ask refund?

Donnaplay subscription

Hi I have a charge showing on my Visa for Donnaplay and I have no recollection of signing up for this and have no way to access a fictitious account to unsubscribe - i went back to check earlier months and see that I have been charged at least since last April - i did not spot as I get the electronic billing and do not always check,

  • Ma
    Mary Clarke-Miller Oct 16, 2016

    I see that others have had the same issue .. can they look up by visa number?

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  • Sa
    SallysF Oct 23, 2016

    When I called the credit card company (number on back of card) they reversed the charge and blocked this company.

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No service taken

I haven't ever heard about this site or used it as well.

However, this company finds its place in my account book, deducting money from my account for the services I have never taken. How it got hold of my card information is still a mystery.

Quora describes this site as fraud, and I suspect my account is compromised.
For now I have blocked my account and cards, and now am thinking of opening a new account.

Big Issue is that you do not need to enter OTP's to deduct money from cards. This means that once the card is compromised, there is no intimation to you, to confirm a payment.

Unauthorized debit card charges

I have been charged £11.95 for online/phone/mail order purchases at the beginning of each month since October 2015. I have never used or even heard of this company. The first date I was charged £11.95 by DonnaPlay is 9th October 2015 and the most recent is 1st September 2016. I have been charged the same amount every month in between. On my bank statement, each of the transactions state a location number. I expect a full refund for all the money that I have been charged by this company because I have never used it!

  • St
    Stirling Thomas Nov 10, 2016

    I have experienced the same problem! Never heard of them till the debits started showing up in my statements! Now can not unsubscribe!

    Stirling Thomas

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The whole business

Put in three different credit cards to "sign up" for a free trial, each time it stated my "card could not be authorized, " therefore no account was created. Not true. Pulled my statement, and two of them indeed were charged. Their "call center" is a third party company that won't even give out their business name. Donnaplay is a complete fraud. I will be reporting these people to the fbi internet crimes division, the federal trade commission, and bbb. Do not give your personal information to these people!!!


I would like to unsubscribe to my Donna play account as I didn't realise I had a direct debit payment plan. I have never used the site and don't have any intention on using it. Can you immediately stop any further transactions been direct debited. Also immediately unsubscribe me from Donna play. Please notify me once these actions have been carried out.

  • Re
    Renita Barrow Sep 24, 2016

    I want my money back from you Donna play. And I would like to be unsubscribed from this page and as soon as that is done please notify me. I can't have you people taking out my money every month for nothing.. if I had the slightest clue that this is what goes on, I would've never signed on but you people said nothing as it relates to taking my money out and I NEED MY MONEY BACK NOW!!

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Unauthorized credit card charge

I have no idea who this company is. I first noticed a charge of $2.95 on a credit card for 7/28/16, although they may go back further. But I would never sign up for any kind of free service that would eventually start charging me. I only access media through Amazon Prime or Roku and since I already have subscriptions to the major media sites, I would not possibly have interest in signing up for another. I am wondering if they somehow accessed my credit card by asking me if they could have access to my Roku account without explaining why. They did agree to remove the charges, but even the operator could not tell me what I allegedly tried to access. I am mystified and concerned about how they got the credit card info.

  • Bu
    buarapha Aug 29, 2016

    I don't know what happened with my credit card lease deleting me out from your member or anything that concern my credit card. I doesn't use any your service please i try every way to tell you if you still charge my credit card again i will report the police
    tassanee burapha

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  • Ss
    sstanlyprince Oct 08, 2016

    I don't know what happened with my credit card lease deleting me out from your member or anything that concern my credit card. I doesn't use any your service please i try every way to tell you if you still charge my credit card again i will report the police

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Approximately 1 month ago I joined Donna Play for the movies was disappointed with the product and virtually cancelled my membership a few hours Later

Now 27/7/16 Donna Play have found a way to get past 2 Visa Cards that have been Cancelled and replaced also have got past a new locked visa Card and removed money from my account.

I will be laying a Complaint with my Bank also.
Of Concern to myself how can a so a called Reputable Company Circumnavigate
2 Cancelled Cards and a New Card which is Locked to remove money from my a/c.
I tried today to get in to my Donna Play account with my email and pin and I am being
advised to create an a/c.
I guess Donna Play have serious questions to awnser.
I can not even gain access to ensure my account is cancelled.

unauthorized credit card charges

Well it all started on 21st may when I got an external link from Letmewatchthis.com about donnaplay in order to watch the movie with a high resolution but as I went to register they simultaneously asked for my credit card info.I believed since letme is a big website.This site could also be trusted & also with a very good design.Suddenly I was charged for $1 as donation without a prior notice.I was pissed at the very moment but later forgave it since its for UN charity.After 5days when I was at work suddenly I received a notification that my Card was charged for $15 at a place known as donnaplay without any notice.I immediately reported a complaint about their about my credit card misuse at sitejabber.com plus to [protected]@donnaplay.com.Then one of their representative showed me a fake transaction report that refund was already issued.I then waited for around 10days yet I didn't receive yet.I then went on vacation & even came back & checked on bank statement yet there was nothing about donnaplay.I emailed them again but now they changed their approach by asking me to contact their customer care number i.e [protected] / [protected] & I called on it but it says a diferent gaming website & the other one doesn't even work.I tried both of them from skype as I can't call to that number since I don't live in America & finally I saw your website & felt it would rather be safer to share this info with you & hope if you can do something about it.
Thank you
Natik Shifat

unauthorized credit card charges


Movie streaming


so I made the account, then it said 5 day free trial. sure. whatever. I didn't want it after that and didn't even click an option, i closed out of the browser. 10 minutes later im getting a notification from the bank that they removed money from my account.

THIS SITE STEALS. the operators of the site, steal. they need to get shut down. make complaints with your bank about them stealing.

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