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I recently resigned up to the free side of One day later, while checking my credit card online, I saw a mysterious charge to SHopping Essentials. I phoned the number associated with the charge and was passed off to numerous "associates" who all refused to tell me just who they and their company was. They said they had no record of my name or phone number. They asked me to verify myself by giving them my credit card number! When I balked at that, the guy (Carlos # 18228) scoffed that they "already had the number" because they charged me. So I said to read me the number and I would tell them if they were correct. He refused and said they couldn't do that. To dispute the charge, I was told to fax him a copy of my credit card bill showing the charge! I told him that I was calling my credit card company and cancelling the charge. I did that but also had to cancel my card and will have to wait a week to 10 days to get my new card. I also have to deal with juggling a few automatic payments that are on the card. I never gave my credit card number to Classmates. How did they or their 'partner in crime' get it? No fine print on a terms of use blurb should allow for stealing a credit card number! That, my friends, is still a crime!

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  • Di
      17th of Jul, 2009
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    This IS some scam!!! They lure you in with a one-time fee of $15, then before you know it - you're being charged every month. As a few of you wrote - there is no way to contact them via phone.. as you only receive a recorded message & then it diconnects you... BUT WHAT YOU CAN DO is notify your bank as soon as they take your money. Your bank is on YOUR side. If more of us take this action immediately - perhaps we can put these crooks out of business.

    Diane V.

  • Jo
      11th of Sep, 2009
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    I am an attorney researching the business practices of WWW.MYLIFE.COM, WWW.REUNION.COM and WWW.MYLIFE.COM . I am interested in their practices as it relates to the unauthorized SCRAPING OF EMAIL ADDRESS BOOKS.

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    5) how has your involvement damaged your reputation or any finacial losses?

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