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City Bank / Bad experience

1 United States
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I had a Children's place Credit card for about 5 years. Sometimes, I was posting automated payments on my Credit card account-- just in case not to miss any payments. I was checking my credit/balances sometimes.(not often as i wish now) I had around 7 month break in using these card when i've noticed that the money i was paying in advance just keep disappearing from the account. I've expected that the money i've paid in advance would stay there. NO. THEY just GONE. We are talking about few hundred $$$. I've called the customer service and the explanation was that the policy of the company: In case of credit on the account posted, the company usually cut the check for the refund and as soon as check is cut, the credit removed from the account. BUT, I did not cashed any refund checks!!! More to that, sound as nobody cashed them!! Where all that money i've paid GO? The next question in my mind was: How much money really disappeared for all these years, knowing my bad habit from time to time paying in advance? The phone representatives of the company are sitting in India, so you can get nothing from there spending long hours on a phone. All of them actually acting as a manager as soon as you request one. LOOP. I fill that the money was stolen from me. They are STOLEN by the credit card policy, which allowed it to happen or probably just designed these way on a purpose. Were the checks ever sent? I am not sure about that. The "Manager" of the Credit Card explained to me that, the only way to complain is by letter and there is no Phone## available for complains or investigations like that. So, for me to get my money back from them is the long way to go. I have to write letters to request the statements, then calculate what was stolen from me. I have slight idea where to start beside the latest few month bills i have on hands. By the way, to request a previous months statements you would have to sent a letter, you can not place these request over the phone or e-mail. HHH. If somebody would tell me it is happening here in the US legally, i would not believe in it. BUT IT IS THE REALITY! Really disappointed with the Credit card services. BAD, BAD and SAD experience. I used to love these store, actually it was my #1 store for children's closing, but because of the situation -- my mind about shopping there, unfortunately, can not be the same. OH... I wish i would never have these credit card and keep loving shopping in Children's Place. Do not get these Credit Card!!! It is more than enough disappointment's in our life, please avoid these one. If you already have it -- just monitor each move on your account and close it ASAP.


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