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just received a letter from Citibank closing my account. I have been paying my account diligently - never been late - paid my account off several times - been an excellent customer. I have several of their cards, my mortgage is wittje, and because lately I have paid the minium amount they choose to close my account based on a business decision. What a way to treat a good customer.
When Citi made bad deals - as a taxpayer I was forced to help bail them out with the stimulus package. They made bad business decisions and They get a bail out. They check my credit and close my account and I've never been late or defaulted on any of my accounts. No bankrupticy - no collections - just high debt.


  • Ry
    Ryderka Oct 01, 2009

    Hi Lynne! I just got a letter from them today closing my account! I have never been late once.
    Same deal - said the balance was too high! BS - It's more like my interest rate was too low for them and
    they weren't making enough money off of me!! I say they can screw - there are plenty of other cards
    that would love a good paying customer!

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  • Su
    Sundancer05 Jan 29, 2010

    I, too, got THE LETTER from CITIBANK stating that my interest rate would go up to 29.99%. I opted to keep my current rate AND use my card through the date on it, which was 2011. INSTEAD, Citibank CLOSED my account and is now charging me 24.99%. I nearly had a heart attack when I opened my statement! And, yes, I haven't been late and I've been a loyal customer for over 10 years. Now I have a "closed account" on my credit record, no thanks to Citibank! Isn't that bait & switch and isn't that FRAUD??? We need to get together and file a class action lawsuit against CITIBANK!

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  • Li
    lilenrgzrbunny Apr 19, 2010

    I got a letter like this too. In November they jacked my rate up to 30%! I paid it down quite a bit because of the interest rate. I guess they decided they weren't making enough money off of me.

    I hate that I had to bail them out and now they are bailing on me. They have effectively made me never want to do business with them again. The balance will be paid in a couple of months and I won't have to deal with them any more.

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  • Do
    dougsweetrouble Jul 15, 2010

    7/9/2010 Recieved a letter from Citi stating they were going to close my account on 8/31/10 if I did not respond to the letter. The letter states, " Based on your current account activity, we will close your account on 8/31/10. We are taking this action because your account shows one or more late payments or returned payments." I have never been late on this account and have always paid 75% more than the minimum payment. Also, they raised my Interest rate to 29.99%. Oh, but they said I can call to make arrangements to avoid closure. Yeah! Okay! What a pile of [censor]! Also, it will be a cold day in hell that I ever call them again.

    How dare they treat me this way; when I have been nothing but a loyal customer. Well no more! I am cutting up the card and sending 1 peice a day to them, at a time. I could give a rats [censor] anymore, and they can Go SCREW!!! Oh! and so can Juniper Cards. Juniper is another whole rip off story...

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  • Nj
    NJA Webster Jan 19, 2011

    I didn't even receive notification!! My Big-O card was discontinued, and I did not find out until the work was done and I tried to pay!! Luckily, the woman let me take my car, but only with the agreement that I pay within 5 days or face legal action. I have been paying my bill on-time, and when I called Customer Service, I was given many false reasons as to why my account has been blocked (my address was wrong, though I have not moved; I haven't made 6 consecutive on-time payments, which I have verification that I have; the limit was lowered, but the card has been off for over a year?). Finally, after many customer service agents, I was told that they periodically check your credit and can discontinue your card- and that "It is not [their] policy to notify anyone when [they] put a block on your account." Had I received notification, I would not have gotten the work done or made other arrangements. And if I'm paying you consistently, what does a change in my credit matter, anyway? Now I have 2 days to find the money or risk whatever consequences this independently owned Big-O will pursue against me AND I still have a citi bill to pay this week that I will get a $40.00 late fee for if I do not pay ontime!! I have created a Facebook page "Iwas Cheated" to inform as many people as I can of this ridiculous practice!! Their lack of notification has caused me more financial strain, could have caused me to lose my car, and could possible cause me to have criminal charges filed against me!! I'm not being dramatic- I'm telling everyone because I don't know what to do!!

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  • Sa
    Saumya S Tandon Dec 17, 2015

    My Citibank account was closed without giving appropriate reason. I had been with them since 6 years and without any notification my card blocked and the credit limit removed. Until I called customer care several times, I was not even aware of it!! I am left stranded with no means to access my money from my account except transfer to my someone else's account and then ask for cash! what a shame on such a big bank like Citibank!!

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  • Cu
    Cuciumba Sep 28, 2017

    Find an attorney and Take Citibank to the Federal Court in a Class Action,
    They should not be allowed to get away with this.
    This country is NOT run by corrupted corporations,

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  • Ve
    Veronique Poupart Mar 15, 2018

    I have been, what they called, a loyal customer at Citibank for many years. About in September or October 2017, I got some letter informing that my accounts were going to be closed. Upon receiving the letter, I called the phone number mentioned on the letter. I talked to nice people telling me that I should not worry, there were no notes on my account and that everything was fine. I kept receiving the same kind of letter for 4, 5 months, kept calling the customer service upon reception of every letter, went to the branch at least 2 times and kept being told that everything was fine and that they was no reason to worry...
    Until I received in my mail box in March 2018 a letter of accounts closed with a check for the balance of my accounts. No explanation even though I tried to contact them after that. I can't tell how upset and profoundly disappointed I am of how customer service or any other service related to that issue has handled my case. If there was an issue with my accounts, I have never been able to know what it was and not able to provide any explanation. This is a shame and I will never recommend that bank whatsover.

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  • Ed
    Ed in Arlington Hts Sep 04, 2019

    @Veronique Poupart I had the same experience. They would send overnight fedex letters saying there was a discrepancy on my account and I need to call to clear it up or they would close my account. I would call and they would tell me not to worry, they don't see any reason why the letter was sent. After a three of these letters and subsequent calls, they did close my checking account. I called and they re-opened it. I'm still pissed. I'll probably close the account. They did not even admit any fault, provide any explanation or even a simple apology.

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  • Da
    DaveInPhoenix Jun 16, 2018

    Citibank American Airlines MC closed for no reason

    Approved in early March 2018 with $12, 500 credit limit. Got the extra 40, 000 airline miles (hope they don't take back) but always paid off full balance frequently and never over $2000 since wanted excess credit for the continued good credit score.

    Seems if folks are not carrying a balance so they can charge their high-interest rate, they don't want you as a customer. I always pay full balances so never charged any interest. Balance, when shut off, was about $200 after paying off larger amount long before any due date. Their agreement says they can cancel for any reason.

    In mid-May 2018 credit denied and find online have no credit limit $0 after charge declined on an Amazon purchase. Spent almost two hours on the phone talking to at least four different departments, none of which could see any problem why the account had $0 credit. Most times had long tme on hold why friendly - but puzzled- rep tried to talk to a supervisor.

    Then someone said I didn't respond to a verification letter they sent. But when they look for a copy of it they don't show any. I remember they verified my ID by a phone call. They "said" will send me a new verification letter, but never did.

    Late May, I call and they say its odd nothing has been done on the account but see my prior call info. Will do a special request and should be resolved in a few days.

    I was in Toronto in early June and had a prepaid Budget rental car at the airport using that card. Since I could not use the no credit card, had to cancel and pay again for a new Budget rental agreement. Budget said they would credit back all except the $150 cancellation fee immediately and try and get the $150 fee waived and credited back in about a week.

    Back home in Phoenix June 14th I call and after a long wait with friendly rep talking to a supervisor, they are at a loss and all they can do is have me to go online and apply for a new credit card from scratch.

    I can still access my account online and it shows the partial refund from Budget which results in a credit balance. The Citi rep said to call back when fully credited and can issue a check for the credit balance.

    I have other automatic payments set up and have to figure out which are on that card. Such a hassle and hours of my time, stuck at an airport with bad prepaid rental and no reasonable explanation from Citi why my credit was canceled after following all the rules and keeping balance paid off long before due dates for about two months.

    I can only conclude they don't want customers that pay off their account each month so they don't make their finance charge fees.

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  • Ha
    Hate on Citi Bank Sep 24, 2018

    I got an email on a Sunday night which stated my Citi MasterCard had been closed. I was sure this was a scam email since I have perfect credit and have had this card for 26 years. I logged on to my account, saw no message so immediately contacted their fraud department for spoof emails. The next morning I learned that they did indeed close my account without ever contacting me! I called and got the Phillipines, which is annoying since they know nothing. After wasting 1/2 an hour I called back and insisted on a USA rep. She was very apologetic and said she didn’t know how this happened but that she would connect me to a supervisor who would reopen the account and make sure there was no effect on my credit score. Well, she connected me to an idiot robot named SALLY. Sally just kept repeating, “ It was a business decision due to inactivity.”
    This is what they tell their robots to tell customers. What they are really doing is ridding themselves of customers who have no annual fee credit cards ( my case) or those who have low rate credit cards ( many other who I see posted online). It seems from all the posts that Citi is a major offender in doing this to its customers, no matter how perfect that customer has been or for how long. They could care less about how their actions will affect people’s credit scores.
    These banks get away with murder and there is no oversight. Stop giving Citi your business, pull out your savings and retirement accounts and make them pay. Treat them like they treat you.

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  • Ah
    Ahana77 Oct 20, 2018

    OMG OMG OMG after reading these posts, I am honestly shocked. I had the same thing happen to me. I have been with citi card for over 4 years now, paid off every balance no matter how high it was. Spoke to a Keesha KYP7 id number, she was rude, she was mean, screaming at me and would not allow me to speak to a customer rep. I was shocked, I have no idea why they closed it, but it makes total sense now, they just weren't making enough money from me OF COURSE, why am i even surprised.

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  • Mc
    Mc D Nov 13, 2018

    Me too! For some unknown reason Citi in July started to send my statement to my email. I would never open an email from Citi assuming that it would be a marketing message. Then I received a letter dated October 20 that my account was past due. I called immediately and gave them my checking account number, but the woman took it down incorrectly and of course it was rejected. I received a letter from Citi telling me that my line of credit was reduced. I called immediately again, and the woman this time took the number correctly and it went through. BUT, my card was cancelled. So I wrote a letter to Citi telling them why I hadn't been paying, no statements, and the error made by the first person. I called today to see if I could straighten this out and found out that my request to reopen the account had been denied by a computer in the Accounts Maintenance Department. Of course, this department has no phone number! I don't want to spend any more time with the Customer Service reps or supervisors, as they can take no action to correct this. So took the advice above and just got an Aadvantage card from Barklay's. Great that there is an alternative to Citi - lousy organization.

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  • Ka
    Karl Stursberg Dec 18, 2018

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  • An
    Ann605 Mar 18, 2019

    I received a letter in February notifying me that my Citibank account will be closed as of March 4th. When to the bank to find out the reason they said they don't have to give you a reason. I have been a loyal customer for over 30 years. Then come to find out they closed my schools bank account which I am a signer on the account. Today I go to put gas in my car at Cosco and they closed my credit card with cosco which is with Citibank. I Come home and get another letter from macys letting me know that my account is closed. I don't know what the heck is going on. I don't event know who to call about this. When you call nobody knows nothing. They said write a letter using the address on the letter for an explanation.

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  • Je
    jenniferrose Jul 18, 2019

    @Ann605 Ann605, same exact thing happened to me. First it was all my bank accounts with them, and now all my citi credit cards, and I just got a letter staying my macys was closed as well. And I too have to write a letter asking why. This is just horse crap. I'm so mad, and feel robbed.

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  • St
    Steve B! Oct 15, 2019

    I applied for several retail cards through them in attempt to rebuild my credit. Online applications asked me to call for verification. CSR talked to me in a tone like I was doing something fraudulent and concludes with “We’ll keep and eye on it!” Keep an eye on what?

    I had the cards for slightly less than a year. I later opened a secured Visa/MasterCard with them.

    All cards were always paid on time, and some I carried a balance on.

    I suddenly one day started receiving letters saying they were closing my accounts because I had too many inquires on my credit report. Seriously, that’s it. They even closed the secured account I had just opened and took their time refunding my deposit.

    A year after that, I attempted to reapply for their Brooks Brothers account. I got declined because “Our records show an account previously closed by Citi”. Yes, that’s it.

    Somehow, they never caught the Macy’s account to close.

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  • Ci
    CitibankSucks Oct 30, 2019

    OMG I just had a similar situation. Been with Costco Citi for nearly 13 years and never a late payment. I used to keep a pretty substantial balance and they made ~$1200/year off interest every year. I finally dug my self out of that debt 4 months ago and have been using the card monthly to accrue Costco rewards dollars and pay it off monthly. I guess Citibank loves you when they can rape you of your money with high interest rates but hate you when you use their credit responsibly. That's ok, I will never ever again use Citibank for anything ever again. I will tell everyone I know of what kind of sleaze bags they are. I will also close my Costco card because they partnered with such a despicable company!

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  • Ji
    Jim Ang Oct 30, 2019

    I have similar condition when 2 days ago I was filled up the gas in Costco Fullerton, CA. All of sudden, my account was closed. I can’t fill up in Costco and stuck about 15 minutes lines, and I called customer service and they don’t know about it and want me to wait the letter mail to you. I’ve been in Costco Customer and Citibank since before Amex about 2 years and never pay late. I have several disputes but small amount, total about ~$50 and why suddenly closed without let me know, it’s so weird.

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  • An
    Anita Bisnauth Jan 19, 2020

    I have been with citi-bank since 1994 and when Costco moved from American Express to Citi-bank, now I have two cards. They closed both cards on 1/18/20 and wouldn't tell me why after several phone calls, I found out that my son made an online payment and enter the wrong account number and next day he paid it and two days later they closed both of my accounts. I paid them any interest, I always pay off my balance each month. What Costco citi cards did was horrible, I am hoping that Costco will do something about this or hopefully someone will start a class action lawsuit against citicards.

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  • Ti
    Tina Bull Mar 27, 2020

    Is there a class action lawsuit against this company? If so please advise.

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