Citizens Bank / payment issues

United States

On September 17th I made an attempt to pay $300 via ACH through the website. It came out of my account and then was returned, I was notified that it was not an accurate account number. I never received a phone call about this. October 5th I received the mail stating it was returned. Thus, I made a payment over the phone with a LIVE person in the amount around 594. I stated my issues and he then gave me a confirmation number and I asked to update my information and make sure everything was correct. I had recently relocated. I was told that my account was brought to current and the confirmation number would be in my email. I was waiting for the amount to come out of the account and there was never anything pending. On October 16th 2018, I called the same hotline number and stated my issue because I was not sure what had happened this time. When I called I was told that my account number did not match because they had added an extra 4. I am not sure how this happened because I had repeated this with the phone representative and we spoke for 40 minutes on how to resolve this issue so that it would not happen again. By this time my credit had dropped because my account was past due about 45 days and charged a new late fee. I was never notified this time, through email or mail about the payment not going through. I am highly upset I keep getting penalized when I have attempted to make the payment since September 17th and it was not returned to insufficient funds but because of an error that was made by the call representative. I have been banking with this particular bank for a couple years now and this has never been an issue until recently. I am highly upset that this could happen twice and now I am in the process of filing a dispute for my credit which all could have been prevented If I would have been notified. I was notified the first time but not the second time. I am not sure the protocol that your company has in place but at this time I am not a satisfied member of this bank like I used to be. I do not know the name of the representative but I also never received an confirmation email only a verbal confirmation. I am sure the phone calls are recorded. I want to make sure this doesn't happen again to myself or others. I paid the amount again today so hopefully it will go will accurately this time so that my credit doesn't get impacted again. Thank you for your time. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me at [protected] or [protected] I would like to speak with someone about this matter as well because I am not sure how this could happen or if there was a misunderstanding. Thanks.

Karrissa J Meredith

Oct 16, 2018

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