Citizens Bank Credit Card Services / balance transfer fees

MA, United States

I recently went to citizens bank to open another account. They took an awful lot of time to push me to open a new credit card with them. I saw minh binh luu at the brighton mass location. He definitely gave me lousy advice to transfer a balance... With 0% interest. He never mentioned the balance transfer feeeeeeeees. I already have another line of credit with very low interest. I went back to the bank. They wouldnt help me. I spent 45 min on one call and another 30 min. On another call. I wanted the fee waived. It wouldnt hurt them to waive the fee. I am a very good long time customer which they do not care at all about. When I had a big problem with capital one, they actually gave me money!!! For my troubles. I was very upset, and they actually did something about it. I cancelled my credit card at citizens and they certainly did not care at all. Do not get a citizens bank credit card... There is no customer service at alllllllllllllllllll.

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