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Citibank Nri / dishonest business practises

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Citi NRI is the worst website ever built. For one the login is kinda goofy. You have a complex 16 digit login ID that you can mask with a user id. However your user id is mapped to your login id on each computer (Basically I can have as many user ids as I have computers.) You delete cookies and you are back to the drawing board. The password you gotta type in using your mouse using some goofy onscreen keyboard. Then you go to a cluttered screen with over 200 links. God help you if you want to find anything there. If you want support you have to send an email from the support link, however if you send an email from your mailbox you will never get a response. After a week or so somebody responds without reading your question. Keep in mind the response never appears in your mailbox (Your mailbox always shows empty). Once you go to the support link and see the inadequate message, you are required to respond to that message (They call is a query. I guess they think their employees are like databases you execute queries against). However make sure you don’t click on any link before you respond; because once a message is read, it is automatically removed from the support link taking away any ability to respond

ACH transfers take from 3 weeks to 6 months (They take money out of your source bank account on the same or next day but take from weeks to sometimes 6 months to credit any information into your account).

The other scheme they have going on is they turn your account into an inactive / dormant status for inactivity (meaning moving money in or out of the account) thereby locking you out of your account and trapping any cash you have in your account. If you want your account to be operational, they ask you to physically go to a branch in California or to one of their offshore offices in India. If you don’t you will not have access to your cash. By law they are required to notify you prior preventing you from giving you access to your account. They get around this by changing your account to an inactive status first which prevents you from transacting on your account (even though you can log in normally and look at your balance and stuff giving you an illusion of normalcy). After a further status of inactivity they change it to “Dormant” totally preventing you from having any access to your account.

Going to their exchange rate, they consistently give you 1-2Rs (2-4%) lower than market conversion rates. They make most or all of their profits from skimming off the top when compared to SBI and ICICI rates.

Finally in terms of support it is impossible to find a telephone number to their support desk. If you ever need to call CITI NRI Helpdesk their number is [protected]

Overall CITI is a very unethical bank. The most unethical I’ve seen so far especially in their international dealings (US Regulators and guarantees have forced them to maintain a certain level of honesty and transparency in the US). Their website is the least user friendly of all websites and CITI NRI is the worst by far of any banking site. It’s a mess


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  4th of Jun, 2008
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Citi Bronze Card - Charges for nothing
CITI Bronze Card
p.o. box 6415
The Lakes
United States

This company was told that I was going to be in Europe for a month and so I asked how I should pay my bill... no definitive answer. Came back to late charges, finance charges (for two months) and then also foreign exchange charges... I have been a customer for years, they acknowledged that I had called them in reference to my trip, they did not care that I pay my bills each month, always 1.5K a month or more. There is no way to even contact anyone. You get a person at the end of the phone, who doesn't know very much, but they don't care. So my card is now closed, now to close my business account. No wonder you can't contact them... supposedly someone called Sue Larsen is the person to contact... all I could find with that name was a leader of transvestites. Money in that too probably.
  2nd of Apr, 2009
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Besides all the above, there is no cordination between offices and the help desk numbers. Dear all desi's please avoid this uber corrupt, uber inefficient bank. Its skimming profits off the Indians to sponser fat bonuses in US.
  29th of Jul, 2010
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I agree with you the citibank web site is the most bogus bank web site I have ever logged in to.There service is horrible and I am sick of it and shifting it to HSBC.
  6th of May, 2011
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  6th of May, 2011
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Its so stupid to ask for your personal details again on a chat when you can get into a chat only if you have already given all those details
  28th of Dec, 2011
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Citibank NRI relationship Manager Radhika Sethi is not qualified to be an AVP relationship Manager. She is never available for NRI customers. She is always hiding behind voice mails. Citi Bank's NRI staff is well qualified to be harassment staff. They cause more problems as opposed to creating a customer relationship. I have gone thru a so called "KYC" process through their colleagues in Bombay in November, I get a harassing calling from their staff on December 28, asking me the same redundant questions. I have NRI accounts with other Indian Banks, none of them put me through this nth degree and asked me questions to unzip my pants
  10th of Mar, 2012
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Citibank NRI service sucks!
They told me there are two ways to repatriate money (from rupees to dollars through NRE). A fax to their NY branch or send a letter by courier. I sent two taxes in a month for same requests, they have no idea where the fax is. The fax number is confirmed. Everytime I call customer care a new idiot picks the phone and apologizes. Since fax has sensitive account information., I requested them to be serious about it. Ciyibank said theywill have someone call me (for what? I need my money). Anyways, no one called me for 4 days. I call them back to check. They told me they called me 3 times!!! This is huge lie! I bet them to get my caller history and also if I missed the call, why no voice mails?
After 1.5 months, I'm still calling them as I need my money. I really wonder how this bank is surviving. Such an unprofessional bank with no regards Oe service
  24th of Mar, 2013
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I agree with all the posts about Citi bank's atrocious, incompetent and lousy service. The customer service reps are arrogant and utterly useless. The online access is pathetic and I could not get access to my account for more than a month, because they disabled my access and I had to go through hoops to get it reactivated, like calling the useless customer service many times, sending my US passport to NY office., waiting a month to get ATM cards and then another few weeks to get stupid IPIN, TPIN, OTP, ATM PIN and the other bull, to get access to my accounts..

The more I think of CITINRI, the more heartburn I get...

So I have decided to close my account with CIT and move on..
  2nd of Apr, 2013
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I wish I had know all of this before I got an account. I couldn't agree more with the above. Since I have a savings account, I don't use it that often, and after just a few months it went to inactive. In that time, they also changed their login process and it took me over a month ti even log in. After that, they told me to write a letter and sign it telling them to re-activate my account. I did, but they said my signature was slightly different than what they had on file! I have given them every bit of personal info to prove who I am, but they are hung up on the signature! Even for that they have to send me a new "signature change" form that will take another 10 business days. Every little thing is a hassle and takes weeks to complete. All I want to do is withdraw my money and forget about their poor customer service and unprofessionalism. Hopefully, I can get my money back!
  4th of Apr, 2014
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Worst ever---moreover the mumbai Andheri branch--Now moved over to Marol (FOund this the hard way)
Has staffed a bunch of jokers--One Mr Naeem khan is the worst--People are takig personal calls while we wait fr them to give us some time discussing our account--I spent 4 hours that day--with the clown Naeem khan taking personal calls, inviting other customers to sit right by me, while he discussed my account details not to mention the doq=zen interupptions and phone calls he made for other customers.
I was so disgusted by the poor service, morevover, he kept calling other staff members to help him, as I wanted ti close my account, he wasnt even trained enough to close an account.
Whether this was deliberate or to stall my closing the account is still a doubt I have.
In the end he succeeded as I could not spend a minute in that office and I was given Radhika Sethi--supposedly my relationship officer, to deal with.
Santoshi Naidu
  23rd of Jul, 2014
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Recently experienced the issue with XOOM transfer my money was getting remitted to this account without any issues from last 9 months but one fine day it stopped working and reason came out to be the account name mismatch what the hell how come it was getting remitted earlier I have not changed any info.
Again changing/updating the signature is full 14 days project, in this online world where everybody is connected you need to raise a request then in 7 days they will send you form and then you send that form to NRI branch and then it will go to India for updation.
Citibank totally sucks...
  4th of Aug, 2014
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I have been banking with them for the past 10 years. One of the worst experience ever. Web site is so horrible to use... customer support is completely useless. Resetting a password is like a rocket science... they need your whole life history...or your account is locked out for 7 days... I have to send money to my dad for some emergency purpose's... since they can not help me to reset my locked out account for the next 7 days, they advise me to mail the check from US to India through postal mail LOL, what a joke
  9th of Dec, 2014
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Absolutely agree with all the comments. Citibank NRI is a joke! I got locked by their clunky website few times in the past. It makes me so mad when they ask you write a letter to the nearby NRI service center. Who "writes" letter these days? Even my grandpa is tech savvy and uses IM/text/email to communicate. Any one know of a better banking option for NRIs?
  23rd of May, 2015
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Worst every bank website and there whole application writing, password protection is from stone age. Logging into the website and to maintain the account is a harrasment. I have so many ATM cards, that I have no idea which one is real now because they keep locking me out (no transaction). They expect you to go to branches (who does in these times). Customer service reps have no idea and just give generic explanations. When you call back, each time a new person picks up the phone, who has no idea about a customers previous conversions (basics of call center are missing). This bank is most backward and doesn't care about customers. AVOID THEM at all cost.
  8th of Oct, 2015
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Totally agree as i am a victim also. i quote srikant words as i feel its the best explanation for citibank customer service... "This bank is most backward and doesn't care about customers"..
  18th of Jan, 2016
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I can totally agree to the above. I had a rupee deposit and as per the customer service representative, I sent a FAX to the number given. 3 days after the maturity, when I checked the status, my deposit was auto renewed for another year. When I called the customer care, they told me they will take 48 hours to tell me where & what the status of my FAX was. I hope they deposit my rupee term deposit amount to my savings account asap and not have to wait for months & hunt them down.
  19th of Jan, 2016
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CITI bank NRO- worst ever customer services- Deposit requests have not been taken even after submitting the request after a month long time.
  21st of Apr, 2016
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Worst worst worst ever bank in the world. It took me 3 weeks to just get rtgs done via fax. Worst customer service ever no managers are available anytime to raise your issue. Will be closing my account soon.
  21st of Apr, 2016
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Dont ever make a mistake to open citi nri account worst bank ever in terms of doing transaction
  21st of Apr, 2016
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Worst worst worst customer service ...

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