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D Nov 20, 2017

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In December of 2016 Citi "restructured" my HELOC account. Which started with 3 payments of ~ $270. If all on time the loan then will be restructured to reflect this. The payments were made on time and a contract was sent to be signed and booked.

In July2017 the docs were signed and returned for the 3rd time, I heard many excuses why it took 3 times meanwhile foreclosure notices are still being posted on my house and daily phone calls and people knocking on my door offering to buy my house that is being foreclosed on. All this time the payments have been made.

Citibank refused to send me statements (I received the first in Sept 17) that stated I was behind on payments?

Citibank refused to allow be the ability to view and pay my account online.

For months Citibank didn't report my payments to the credit bureaus., to this day hasn't reported the payments from Dec 16, Jan 17 & Feb 17..

I have spent hours on the phone each of the past 3 or 4 months explaining this to be told some investigation will be submitted, that's when I wasn't disconnected while being transferred. Yet each month NOTHING is done.

Yesterday I was again on the phone for over an hour transferred to "someone that can correct this, Ren" who said my payments should be $340?.. I explained im holding a contract that was signed months ago that shows $265 as well as a statement from them with the same. "hold please" is the common reply.

I have spent countless hours on the phone, I shouldn't have to be on hold for an hour while Citi try's to access my account. Last month the person I talked to said Aug payment for some reason was for interest only and wasn't sure why. He would create an investigation to correct this. Again NOTHING was done.

2 Major issues:

1) I sent my bank statement to CitiBack showin ALL PAYMENTS have been made since restructure. They say their reporting is accurate. How can this be when I show them my bank statement that proves the payments were made?

2) I have my phone voice messages filled with daily harassment (Yes this is HARASSMENT) calls on an account I have made all payments on time.

My hours of phone calls for the past 4 months where each time the Customer Service rep cant explain why O owe when I have actually paid extra each monts, Citibank has also charged a $25 late fee on AGAIN payments that were made on time


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