Citibank Mastercard / rate hike

United States

I found out that citibank raised my APR 20% (9.9 to 29.9%). I have never been late on a payment nor have I done anything to warrant this extreme rate hike. I spoke with a rep today and was told that there was nothing she could do about the rate hike. I told her to close my account. I proceeded to tell the rep that I will never do buisness with citibank again because of the way they treat their loyal customers. She then told me that the new rate will be applied to all my previous charges. This is unfair, unjust and legalized theft. If citibank continues to treat the indivuals that actually make their payments this way, they will lose them. Then all citibank will be left with are the ones that default on their payments. What will they do then...oh wait, I know...the government will bail them out!

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