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Citibank / home depot credit card

1 Las Vegas, United States Review updated:

I am in receipt of your statement in the amount of $5116.87. The last payment was made on December 23, 2008 in the amount of $119.00 as required by Citibank. On January 17, 2009, I received a statement stating that I would need to pay $386.00 for that months payment. All of a sudden interest was raised, and my payment was beyond my means. At that time, I spoke with collections who informed me that if I made my payment for $119 (as previously advised) my account would be up to date. I called back again January 26, 2009, and was advised they could not locate my account. As I was aware this account was still active, I was transferred to several people who were unable to help me. Again, I did this in February 2009, where I was told NOW the account went to collections. I have contacted Citibank several times regarding this matter and have received no resolution.

My original card was any purchase over $299 was interest/payment is deferred for 6 months. I am still waiting for the letter from Home Depot or where they added the "new purchase" and I was advised that the "new purchase" was not part of the deferred interest/payment plan. All payments were made toward the account, but it was then prorated to both the initial purchase and the "new purchase". With that system of accounting, you can NEVER pay off the "new purchase" in full without paying the entire account in full. This too was not stipulated and I was told differently EVERY time I called.

Further, there are STILL several charges that were never taken off my credit card statement. After several months of having problems with a swing and a sliding glass door, both which were promised to be refunded, I still cant get home depot to give me the credit promised by the store manager.

Its now affecting ALL of my credit and I cant contact CITI because its been sent to collections.

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  • Ty
      29th of Jun, 2011
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    Citibank-Home Depot - Finance Department Citibank
    Citi Bank-Home Depot
    United States

    I recently had a credit card account with Home Depot which is handled through Citi Bank. I had a charge on my account under their promotion delayed payment plan for 6 months. I paid it off within the time frame of 6 months and on my next billing I received an interest charged for what they call residual interest. Mine you, this was paid within the 6 month allotted period. They advised me I should have paid it off 2 months before it came due.

    I advised them that if that's the case then Home Depot is advertising falsely because it plainly states in their advertisements that you have six months to pay on purchases over $299. The party I spoke to customer service at Citi Bank and this individual was from another planet and I insisted to speak to a supervisor and after holding for 20 minutes a supervisor appeared on the phone. She was just as disconnected as the first lady, they really didn't have a clue as to what I was trying to get across to her. The only thing she could say was that was the way it is processed in their system. And of all things she told me that's the way the government wanted them to post their promotion payments. Well, needless to say I paid off my other promotions accounts and closed out my account entirely. I am now with Lowe's. The sad part of this is Citi Bank handles Lowe's accounts. The moral of this story is... I charge all my stuff on my Visa or Master card and believe me child the cards are not associated with Citi Bank. Citi Bank and Home Depot should be sent to China to do business. Fight back America we arn't all dumb. Oh! another note. The parties, I spoke to at Citi Bank and Home Depot were ? Americans but! they could not spell nor could they pronounce the kings language. Shame on our society and the school systems, they are handing out high school diploma's just to make room for the next bunch of addicts.

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