Citibankcustomer service (lack of it)

I am a Government Army Civilian and I have tried to get ahold of a customer service re for over 2 weeks using the [protected]. NO ONE answered the phone for the past two weeks of trying (almost 2 hours on wait each time times at least 12 times) documented with my Program Account Manager. I finally got ahold of a representative to unlock my account today 26 NOV 18. I had to use an old contact number that I had to get through to a representative. Once I did all she could do is say I am sorry. YOUR System and LACK of CUSTOMER SERVICE IS TERRIBLE. There is also no way to lodge a formal complaint through either Citibank Govt charge card or DTMO.

I finally did lodge a formal complaint through the DoD IG Hot line on you and your representatives.

I am also asking DoD, the State Attorney's Office of Texas, the FCC and FTC if there is a Federal or State Law that requires a Credit Card Company to respond to a consumer in xx time or have a formal complaint system available by Citibank to lodge complaints.

Nov 26, 2018

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