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Citibank / lack of 24 hour fraud line!

1 United States

I found out today (the hard way naturally) that Citibank does not offer a 24-hour Fraud line for it's credit cards. You can now only report a lost card, fraud or seek help between 8 am and midnight EST. The web site is however still advertising 24 hour support, and I have never seen any communications from the bank canceling the 24 hour help lines.

This blatant cost cutting exercise clearly reduces the level of service to the customer and also raises the risk of fraud. Who is liable for a card lost at 3am in California, which can not be reported until 11pm the following morning?

Citibank cards should therefore not be relied up on for any sort of international travel as most countries tend to operate on different times to EST. Nor should you consider using or owning a Citibank card anywhere West of the Appalachians. Those lucky enough to live in the EST time zone should be very careful only to travel or use the card during office hours.

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