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Citi Bank Credit Cards / scam! credit distruction

1 United States

On October 5, 2010 I applied for a refinance load and my credit was pulled. I have over 12 months of late payments with Citbank master card showing on all 3 credit bearues. I was concerned with this since I have entered into an agreement with them in September of 2009 where I have been paying each month and have had it automatically withdrawn from my account the entire time. I was unemployed and had asked to make arrangements until I could get back on my feet. Citi bank as well as other financial bank card interesting that Citi bank was the only one who continued to report me. I thought contacting them and arranging a plan to pay instead of ignoring and not paying I was doing the right thing as a consumer. I owned up to my situation and asked for help little did I know if didn’t matter and the arrangements would not help me at all.

. October 2010 -I phoned citi bank and spoke with Tim Collins, I informed him in writing of my concern and could not understand why there any late payments being reported. He informed me I had an outstanding balance of 428.00 I had no idea I had that since I had the arrangement in place. I paid the 428.00 on October 26th and Tim advised me he would research my complaint and that he understand my situation since “he is a consumer too”. He would phone me in 3 days with the outcome. He did not phone me I had to call and talk to Dawn, Mr Storks assistance who transferred me to a person named Mike who assured me that he would call me back today (Friday). I finally got a call back Friday and he stated he needed to research more and he did not have the information. No recording or documentation of conversation of my arrangement. He stated he would call me on Monday or Tuesday to give me the final answer. He called me on my cell phone which is the number I asked him to call me on.

I got a call on Tuesday at my home number (which is in my record but I asked him to call on cell) to inform me that what they report is accurate. They will not remove the late payments from my report. I asked him if he had listened to the conversations that were recorded and he told me that they did not have the recordings they do not keep on file all the time. I asked him how long they are kept on file and he did not know. I asked him if there were notes regarding that they stated I had a late over due payment that was outstanding and that I would have to pay that in addition to the arranged payments. He did not see that conversation. I asked if he had any proof that they had informed me of that and he stated no. It was just their policy. He stated he reviewed this with his supervisor and the determined that it was final. I asked to speak with the supervisor and he stated that she was unavailable and would not speak to me. He gave me the name of Linda on team 8100. I then called Ken Storks office and left him a message and I did not receive a call back from him. I called the next day to talk to Dawn and she transferred me to Tim Collins again. He said he met with Mr. Stork and that the decision was final. I asked to speak with Mr. Stork and Tim stated he does not take phone calls and that he was his voice and there was no way I would be able to talk with him. I then asked if he met in person or on the phone. He told me that was non of my business. And he would send out a letter stating the results.

I was not happy with that answer and called Mr. Storks office again. I get transferred to a Teresa Anderson and she was to look into the case again Teresa said she would investigate again and let me know. Well I had to call her back since she wouldn’t call me and they came to the same conclusion as Tim. I then told her that I was misled and that I had an agreement with Citi Bank to pay my bill and there was not mention of any late pay. November 9th I found my documentation from Citibank regarding my payment arrangements. It states in the letter:, "Please pay the agreed upon amount even if a different amount is printed on your monthly billing statement." Theresa stated that the agreement doesn’t state it will take care of my outstanding balance This makes no accounting sense. They contend they will continue to show me late until I make an additional payment which their own agreement tells me not to make. The agreement shows a balance and no mention of an outstanding balance. Teresa stated “Ms. Morgan there is nothing we are going to do about this” and she doesn’t even want a copy of the letter.

Since I have tried countless times to communicate with Cit Bank I am now forced as a consumer to prove that I am not guilty. I will be filing complaints to Attorney General(s), FTC, The Office of Comptroller Currency, FDIC, BBB, Consumer Affairs, US Justice Dept., Federal Reserve Complaint (OMB), Why hasn’t something been done to help the consumer especially since my tax money helped them out of their financial mess? How come Citi Card doesn’t help their customers? They have no compassion and could care less about their customers.


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