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I have worked for Circle K for 3 12 years but recently quit because i was wrote up for excessively calling in within a short period of time as in within the last month or so because i was having dizzy spells and couldn't think straight and was not safe for me to drive. I also had developed a severe sinus infection upper respiratory infection so pretty much Bronchitis. So i called in and told them i was at the ER and would bring in a dr note when i was released and let them know what was up with me and i did... I was diagnosed with Vertigo and had meds to help and they did.. So about 2 weeks later i got called in for a couple of hours on my day off to come help put the store back in order cause the floors had gotten stripped and waxed the night before i was glad to help.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Richland, WAAfter i was done and getting ready to clock off my manager told me she had good news and bad news the good news was she gave me a $5 circle k ticket for coming in to help and then said the bad news is i have to write you up for excessively calling in and i said i had a dr note though and she said she had to because the NEW big wig CJ told her she had to. He said he wants everyone to be held accoutable for everything and that it was basicly a new policy. It was my 1st write up with the company in the 3 12 years i have been there and i usually came into work when i was sick every other time even with severe Bronchitis being called in on my scheduled days off and they could tell i was truly sick even customers were not happy that i had to come to work sick. I had a great repore with my customers i was there for them and gave them great customer service i transfered back to this store because of my customers and i did NOT have a calling in pattern cause i only called in when i truly could not work or drive to work. So with all that said. Thank u CJ for my customers losing great customer service from me due to me quitting because of your policy or whatever u wanna call it

May 02, 2017
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  •   May 02, 2017

    Doctor's notes are not always a get out of jail free card. What you should have done, since you were consistently sick, was applied for an intermittent leave of absence, which would have covered your days off. It would have even worked retroactively taking away your write up. However, you quit instead of being an adult and taking responsibility for yourself.

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