Circle K Storesservice

A Nov 15, 2017

I am complaining about the Circle K in Fayetteville North Carolina on the corner of Pamalee and Blanton Street. The employees are very rude and inconsiderate in this store. Every time I go into the store there is a problem to the point I will not be returning to it. I have had employees refuse payment because I have change and not cash bills, refuse to give me change for cash bills because bill was only $3 and I was paying with a $20. And just morning when I when to the store to get gas the older lady that was there had a vary nast attitude. And by the way the was a baby behind the counter asleep in a car seat. Which I know has to be against store policy to have your children at work. This is the only Kangaroo store that I have been to in Fayetteville that I seem to always have a problem with the store and employees when I walk in. They are setting a bad example of what customer service at Kangaroo should be.

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