Circle K Stores / employee service

El Paso, TX, United States

9.23.17 at 0830 at store 2703298 I went to the counter to purchase two doughnuts and a pack of cigars. The employee working is Adam. I asked for a box of regular black and mild wood tip cigars and Adam went to the tobacco wall and put his hand on the individual cigars, turned to me and asked, "this one?" I answered, "no, the box." He then placed his hand on the next box of individual cigars and asked again, "this one?" I answered no and restated that I wanted a box of black and mild wood tip cigars. He became visibly irritated at this point and with his back to the tobacco wall began touching all the cigars randomly and asked me what I wanted. I spoke in very slow tempo and enunciated, "a box of regular black and mild wood tip cigars" to which he responded with complete ignorance and as though he could not read touching several boxes and asking me which one I wanted. He touched one box that appeared to be the right one and I said, "that one." He brought it over and I read the package, it was wine flavored and not what I asked for. I told him that and angrily, he went back to the tobacco wall and with his back turned to it he began tapping all the boxes while looking at asking which one I wanted. I realized he was just being an [censor] and said, forget it I'll just take the doughnuts and remarked that I was amazed he could not read. He became very angry at that point and told me that since I felt that way I could take my business elsewhere. He then grabbed my bag of doughnuts and threw them behind the counter and told me to get out, to leave. I asked him if he was serious and he replied, "Yea, get out." I turned to leave and before leaving decided to file a complaint. I went to two other employees and asked how to file a complaint. One asked me what happened and I related the incident. She said she would help me and walked over to the tobacco wall and without any trouble got a box of regular black and mild wood tip cigars and after finding my bag of doughnuts checked out my order. I stated that I still wanted to file a formal complaint and she explained I could do that by calling the manager when he was available. She told me his name and recommended I call to complain, which I will on Monday when he returns to work.

Sep 23, 2017

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