Circle K Stores / customer service from store employee

Came in today to store 04132 at 2810 pinecroft rd in Greensboro NC around 930 am and was waiting to be rung out by cashier. She was stocking shelves in the corner of the store and after about minutes of standing at the conter I walked over to where she was and asked if she could please come to ring myself out. Her response was that's she didn't even see me there and if I was in a rush or something. I replied that yes I actually was. She walked over throwing the items in the bag and did not speak to me to tell me the total of the purchase which is not a big deal . However when the card sale was approved she handed me the receipt and I told her thank you and hoped she had a good day she then rolled her eyes at me and didn't not reply anything. I do not understand how people who mind being asked to do their job are allowed to work in an environment where they have to interact with customers. Being a manager myself of an local business was taken back by the amount that disrespect from this employee. Will not be returning to this location.

Nov 26, 2017

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