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Hello. I'm a life long Norman resident and have grown accustomed to Circle K's fantastic coffee. It's truly the best coffee in Norman. Even our many Starbucks stores cannot compete. The coffee is freshly brewed and is offered in a wide variety along with a variety of creamers and sweeteners. But something has changed with each and every one of the Circle Ks throughout Norman through the passed couple of years. The coffee is NEVER fresh and is usually extremely weak. Almost like they run the coffee twice through the same filter. I have gone into each store at all hours of the morning and afternoon (because I used to love Circle K) and they either have nothing brewed and everything is used up or cold, or they only have one or two urns ready of Colombian and decaf(as watery as tea) and absolutely no specialty flavors available. I've complained to the manager at the West Lindsey and the S. Classen stores but nothing has changed. This has been going on for almost if not over 2 years. I normally wouldn't say anything because usually problems like this, problems that are so apparent and that are being experienced/witnessed by more than 10 customers tend to get fixed without me having to complain to corporate, but absolutely NOTHING has improved in the passed two years. It's beginning to make me think that I'm the only coffee drinker in Norman. Circle K used to be the place to go for some good coffee, but there's something going on with your management and store employees. There have been times that there was a freshly brewed variety of coffee at Circle K which was due to who was working at that time. That scenario still exists to this day. You already know if there's going to be fresh coffee and specialty coffee ready or not when u pull up and see who's behind the counter. I don't think that's fair to the paying customers who want a fresh cup of coffee that isn't watered down. I went to the Circle K on Classen today in hopes for some cinnamon coffee. There was one urn of Colombian, one decaf, and luckily, one urn of cinnamon. I poured me a cup into my knock off yeti cup only to taste that it is cold.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Norman, OK Normally the sign for the coffee flavor would be flipped to "currently unavailable; but will happily brew more upon request", when the coffee was old, but it wasn't. I asked the store clerk if she would make a pot of the cinnamon because it was cold. She told me that because the specialty coffees are more expensive, they can only brew them once a day in the morning, but will still brew some if I still wanted it. I said yes that I still wanted it. She looked at the Colombian and decaf and said that those aren't cold and I said yes I know, but I'm talking about the cinnamon. So she discarded the old filter and poured some fresh grounds into the new filter and then just flipped the switch. I made my coffee after it brewed. After paying for it I remembered the sign that said "will brew upon request" was on the other side of the flavor, so I pulled one of the signs out of its sleeve and showed it to the manager and the store clerk. I explained that that is the reason I asked her to brew a pot of cinnamon coffee. I added that if there's a problem with brewing more coffee then change the sign. So I get in my car and drive away and as I'm driving home I taste my coffee. It tasted old and stale. I couldn't figure out why since I saw her brew a fresh pot with my own eyes, but then I realized that she never emptied the old cold coffee out of the urn before brewing the new coffee. So the new coffee was poured into the old and cold coffee. I paid for old stale coffee...again...from Circle K...again. Unfortunately this is not the first time that has happened either. I hate to say this, but I'm done with Circle K. Unless I hear something back or see improvements with the coffee bar that is advertised to be fresh, hot, and delicious, I will not be back. I'm beginning to go to OnCue to get my coffee which is always fresh, hot, and ready and will continue until something changes with your management and employees. As a business major, I strongly recommend that you start with the management first to ensure that they know that they will be held accountable for their employees slack. I get the feeling the management isn't taking their job seriously which can be detrimental to not only your stores, but for all Circle Ks across America. It just takes that one experience at that one store. Believe it or not, good and bad coffee can make or break a convenience store, with the exception of good customer service and gas prices of course.

Nov 24, 2018

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