Circle K Stores / age discrimination.

Hugoton, Kansas, United States
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I was employed by store 1602.. I feel I was harrassed for calling district mngr for. Being yelled at in front of customers being told im to old nd not fast enuff. My hours were cut so mngr could hire her bf. New hires got full time hours even tho id been there the longest.. Its age discrimination nd the area mngr refused to do nything bout.. I was made to empty all trashcans by gas pumps, very heavy for a 57yr. Old. I have been humiliated nd embarrassed by the manger (katrina phillips).. I have filed a complaint to state of kansas for age discrimination... Asst mngr will be present to back my story up..

Circle K Stores
Circle K Stores

  • Updated by Beverly Romero, Jul 04, 2018

    To all circle k employees who feel that circle k has ignored all complaints... Call ur state eeoc file complaint with them if there is enuff circle k will have no option but to start looking into their treatment of employees nd bad mngr training.. File for unemployment if u feel terminated for fake rules nd policy... If there is enuff complaints a class action suit can be filed against this company...

Jul 04, 2018

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