Circle K / me and my friends were racially discriminated against

Phoenix, AZ, United States

After our superbowl party we went to circle K and the clerk only allowed 2 of us to enter at a time, we understood and complied since it was about 8 teenagers walking into a store with him alone. The part that hurt us and made us feel alienated was that he did not enforce that rule with a group of white teenage girls, but he did to us black teenage blacks. He didn't say anything when they walked into the store, he even came outside telling us that we needed to leave before he called the cops when we were following what he told us. While he was outside telling us we needed to leave a middle aged white man with tattoos walked it and stole a drink. We were shocked he said nothing, he told us he would cover it himself. We were very unhappy with the service. You may contact me at "[protected]", if I do not receive a reply I will have to voice my story on a more public forum such as social media.

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    I wpuld like a response

Feb 6, 2017

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