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Is it asking too much to expect your meal will be hot or at least very warm when they give you the food at the counter? I mean after all you are paying them money for what your about to eat. It's as if they're doing you a favor to get the order right the 1 st time. I realize this might not be a desired career choice, but come on; take a little pride in whatever you're doing !! This is ALL restaurants not just this one I am about to dump-on.
I noticed on the menu there was a chicken sandwich w/ cheese meal, so I ordered it instead of the usual 3 piece meal. Then I went to the restroom to wash my hands. There were 2 soap dispensers, neither which had soap in them & they both looked broken. I wasn't going to say anything about that until I left with the food in my stomach. ( I worked in some fast food places when I was younger. This a good tip ! ) I took a couple of bites & noticed the cheese was cold. Then I realized the center of both chicken hockey pucks were cold also. So I went to the counter & waited & waited & the manager asked what I needed. I told him (see above) & he said he would get me another one. This led to a dilemma: Do I eat my fries while they're still hot, or wait till I get the sandwich? Hmmm, OK I chose the 1st option. As I was finishing the fries, the mag. walked by me to go to the restroom, on his way back, if I got my sandwich. you know, the one he said 5 minutes ago he said he was going to get me. I said, "No not yet". He brought it to me & it was steaming hot. This was not a slice of a chicken breast but like "chicken a la blender". I should have ordered the 3 piece (at Popeye's).
On the way out, I asked an employee if I could speak to the manager & I said to him, " I noticed that your 2 soap dispensers in the men's room don't have soap in them & I was wondering how you all wash your hands?" He said, "We have a sink in the back that has soap". For some reason this response was not very reassuring. I wont be back to witness the Church's decline anymore.

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  • Ra
      Jan 06, 2013

    In Michigan empty soap dispensers in ANY restroom gets them a huge fine. All you do is call the health dept and report it. They actually will come out and look and fine 'em on the spot. My reply to the manager would have been., , , "well employess use the bathroom don't they? Or do they pee in the sink "in back?' Dope.

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