Church's Chickendisgustingly filthy restaurant

I was at the location on 55th & Prospect Ave., in Kansas Ctiy, MO, December 28 shortly after it opened for business that day. The restaurant was so filthy; crums, dirt and I can't imagine what else on the floors; stains on the walls and the area where the food was being prepared was extremely filthy. It looked as if it hadn't been thoroughly cleaned in a very long time. I voiced my concerns to the manager and she stated that the employee responsible for cleaning the evening before didn't show up for work. The restaurant never should have opened that day--not before it was thoroughly cleaned. I realize it's in an African-American neighborhood, but that's still no excuse. I lived in that neighborhood most of my life and have visited that restaurant many times over the past 30+ years, but I'll probably never go back, not after seeing the filthy conditions.

Jan 12, 2015

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