Churches Chicken / poor service

This is a newly opened Churches Chicken, and the only one I know of in McDonough, on Highway 81. I have patronized this place 3 times, the first time I only received about 1/2 my order, the second time, afer using the drive-thru and waiting about 5 minutes I was aked to please wait and they would get back with me. About 5 minutes later out of anger I left, but as I drove by the place I saw that no customers were in the place and 2 workers were standing behind the counter, one was on his cell phone and a young girl was just standing there as if in a trance. Today I went back and this time went inside. And was the only customer. I placed my order, had to wait about 10 minutes for the fries to cook, and finally left, only to discover that 2 orders of cole slaw was missing. This restaurant employs only blacks, and I feel that their service is intentional to keep whites away. If that is truly their plan t has worked, for I shall never go there again.

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