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Chrysler Town & Country / DaimlerChrysler quality is crap and they don't stand behind their products!

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I own a 2002 Chrylser Town & Country LXi (original owner). This past April with just under 39K miles on the odometer I noted a whirring noise from the engine compartment that grew progressively louder over the course of several weeks.

I suspected a bad alterator which the dealer confirmed. Since i was 3K miles beyond the 'bumper to bumper' warranty (36K miles)I assumed it would be replaced under the extended powertrain warranty. Surprise! An alternator is not considered part of the powertrain and I had to shell out $460 to have it replaced. What really frosts me is that I paid extra for the 'heavy duty - extra capacity' alternator package when I bought this car because I tow a trailer with it.

I have owned many different cars over the years from many different manufacturers (Volvo, Saab, Ford, GM, Audi, etc.) and I have never had to replace the alternator in any of those vehicles, many of which exceeded 100K miles while I owned them. I wrote a letter of complaint to D/C consumer affairs and received a polite form letter in return expressing regret for the problems I experienced, and that's all.

My brother-in-law also has a 2002 T&C (LX model) and guess what? He just had to pay to have his alternator replaced too and he has 58K miles on his odometer. Everyone seeing a pattern here?

Bottom line - D/C quality is crap and they don't stand behind their products. This is the first and last D/C product I will ever own.

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  • Do
      30th of Nov, 2007
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    I own a 2001 town&country limited. The alternator has some kind of clutch drive pulley which has got noisy with two replacement alternators. I'm looking for a third one or just a replacement pulley would work. If Chrysler was smart they would look at these same complaints and correct problems. I would not buy another Chrysler product until some effort is made to this end. I've owned a 1996 & 2001 town&country and looking at other manufactures of quality vehicles.

  • Da
      6th of Dec, 2007
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    Purchased Chrysler Town and Country 2001 new (first time to purchase new car and nothing but problems ever since). The car was in the shop 28 times in the first 20,000 miles. Power window motors replaced on both sides, power sliding door motors replaced on both sides, balancing bar replaced, weather stripping around front windshield, break problems, dash board electrical problems. Chrysler refused to lemon or replace the car as each repair was not a repeat problem and engine was running fine. With each visit to service, the customer service representatives were less than helpful and would dispute many of the problems while car was under warranty (until we started taking a friend of ours who happened to be a mechanic in with us).

    We obtained extended warranty and continue to have problems - the car is close to expiration on extended warranty and existing problems are being patched as opposed to fixed. It is becoming obvious that they will not do true repairs until we are out of warranty (less cost to them). With 60K miles, have had air conditioning work completed twice and now having serious transmission and alternator problems. Have been to dealership 3 times with transmission issue and have yet to have the car working properly. We will probably be looking at a new car soon - a good 60K miles before we should have to.

    Every time we are in the service department, we hear similar stories of poor quality cars that have people returning repeatedly to the service department. The cost of time and loss of car usage is paramount when you look as the number of times we have been in - 41 and counting. Many families may not be as blessed as we are to have a back up in place to ensure we can still function while the van is in for repairs. We have purchased used in the past and without mishap until the cars finally hit enough miles that it was time to move on.

    Chrysler vans are used primarly for families and children and safety and reliability should be a number one priority. But is not not - so please beware.

  • Bi
      14th of Jan, 2008
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