Chipotle Mexican Grill / unethical behaviour on 6/26/2017 at 8:30pm

Burnsville, MN, United States

My husband went to Chipotle around 6/1/2017 and his order was messed up. He called and the manager on duty offered him a free burrito next visit.

My husband (Harry) was so excited he talked about that free burrito for about 3 weeks before he had the chance to go to chipotle again. (He would eat it everyday if he could, but I try to limit the amount we eat out)

We decided to go back to Chipotle on 6/26/2017 and I ordered a burrito and he ordered a burrito.

He was at the cashier and told the employee about the free burrito. The cashier went to the MOD and told him that Harry was in a month a go and was offered a free burrito. The MOD his name was Anglo (or that is what he told me) stated that he could not remember who had a free burrito and laughed saying a month ago was to long ago for him to remember. Harry ended up paying for both the burritos. When he came home and told me about the horrible customer service I called the store and asked to speak with the manager.

He got on the phone and when I relayed the situation and asked him why he didn't give my husband the burrito he was offered a month ago he told me I needed to use common sense how was he suppose to remember a month ago. I said that was horrible customer service and I was going to contact his boss. How he thinks that talking to customers like that is okay is beyond me.

I called the store back the next day and asked to speak with the GM. A lady answered and said that he called her after that happened the night before and she was just making excuses for him saying he was super busy and stressed out. If I was super stressed out and talked to one of my customers like that I would be fired from my customer service job. The fact that the manager said she would speak with him is not good enough. That manager needs training on how to deal with stress at work. He should of



Instead of making excuses for his bad behavior they should apologize. I will never eat at this location again and I hope this manager gets the training he needs.

Jun 27, 2017

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