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To whom it may concern,

This evening i went to chipotle along with my Family, we love the food we love it today was very unpleasant the way we got served. Customer service was not as great as usual.

About 2 weeks ago, i received 4 coupons a really good friend of mines gave me them for my birthday. Therefore i decided to take my family out today. We ordered 3 bowls and one burrito. The coupon was buy one get one free we only used 2. The tortilla lady was very nice, the salsa gentlemen was nice as well, but the guy atthe register was horrible. He turned around and gave his burrito or taco a bite the as he was chewing he ringed us up. With one of the bowls i order a tortilla on the side and he forgot to put it in the bag, so after i payed i said "uhm sir, the tortilla is also mine" and he said "mmhh" (still had food in his mouth) (as he graved the tortilla he slmaed it inside my bag) . Ok its fine i let it go. My mother was behind me and also had 2 bowls Since she had the coupon as well she asked to get chips on the side. The guy slightly rolled his eyes thinking that we didn't see him. With out a " have a good night, or thank you for your purchase". I honestly do not understand why Chipotle gives out coupons if we receive an unpleasant customer service. I am very upset and even if the food is amazing, i will decrease the choice of eating at chipotle from now on.

Thank you

Feb 03, 2017

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