Chili's Grill & Bar / poor service, greasy chips, guacamole tasted yuck, salsa not much taste, presidente margarita, very little alcohol

Charlotte, NC, United States

10/28/2017 6:40 PM tbl 74 Tyvola 66, Charlotte NC.
waited 20 minutes for a server to welcome me
brought chips, salsa, and guacamole and Presidente Rita,
chips very oily, salsa, not much taste, guacamole not tasting good at all
Margarita, watery, very little tequila.
please note: Thursday evening, I was in the same Chili's and had a wonderful Margarita, perfect amount of tequila. I had the BBQ chicken breast and half order of ribs. All were great!!

No one came back to take my food order. After another 30 minutes, I pain and left.

I would like my money back. $15.30 total.

Thank You
David Paad

Oct 28, 2017

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