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my dining experience on valentines day was rude. i believe this was because of my skin color. my server kept...

roach in the drink menu

It was on my birthday my friend took me out for dinner & a drink after we got sited at the bar at a table my friend & I looked at the drink menu and roaches crawled out of the menu we both went ohh, the manager said she was sorry sd the reasturant just got exterminated for bugs she gave us an free appitezer. & the piont is the staff should checked all the tables & shock out all the menu's to make sure their were not any bugs or roaches on the tables. I would love to go back & enjoy a meal with my husband

express lunch

My wife and I have been going to Chilis for quite some time. Over the last few months the quality of service...

$50 gift card

My wife and I found a Christmas card in a drawer that had been there for over2 years with a $50 gift card...

food order

I placed an order @12:44 and needless to say I didn't get my order until 1:20 so why tell your customers on...

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i got with the corporate office of chilis over a month ago and they said i would get a responce from my email from the chilis involved well im still waitting if they want to serve the food they did and treat their customers the way did we will never go back to any chilis or any of their other businesses.

  • La
    lakisha turner Oct 17, 2008

    i had the worst service ever.the servers were rude and nasty

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  • Bu
    Burnadine Thiesing Oct 19, 2009

    I have been to your place in Anchorage and Wasilla, Anchorage has the worst service I have ever had. We saw our waiter 2 times, when he took our order and when he brought our bill whick was over 50. for 2. So we tried the Wasilla store, and they would not seat us anywhere, except in the bar. We are non drinkers, so as you can tell you have lost a good customer. We love the one you have in San Francisco, and assumed these up here would be just as good. No such luck. We are an older couple, and do not require a lot of attention, but no attention will just not cut it. I am sure that you will just blow this off, but I felt the service was so bad, that it may be a reason no one goes to your business up here. Burnadine Thiesing

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improper seating... unprofessional manager

10/11/08 1:30pm Told 10-15 min wait...Lots of tables not bussed...people out side and instide waiting...two...

poor service/management

On vacation 9/10/08 from Michigan to South Dakota. Went into Rapid City Chilis, requested a window table. 3 p.m. in the afternoon and this restaurant was not busy at all. Waitress said no table was available. This was because all the tables needed to be wiped down. The meal was fine. In the hour we were there nobody came in to wipe those tables. Six servers standing around talking along with the manager laughing. Michigan has much better service. We were never asked how the meal was or if we needed anything else. Had to wait way too long for service when they were not busy at all.

  • La
    Laughing at Dumb People Jan 24, 2011

    Did you ever happen to think no servers were serving in the " window area" you wanted?!? Of course at 3 in the afternoon they are not busy so they aren't going to open all the tables b/c someone wants a "window table". Get over it, the world does not revole around you and your window table!

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Our family ate at the Chili's restaurant in Redlands, CA on June 20, 2008.  My brother-in-law ate the tilapia and became ill that evening and continued to feel ill the next day.  He was the only person to eat the tilapia so we contribute his illness to this food.  The food and service were excellent and we spent over $200 during our visit.  Just wanted you to know to be careful of the tilapia.  Otherwise everything else was wonderful!!

  • St
    Stinger2 Nov 04, 2011

    Bel Air, MD

    I also got cold food. The burger wasn't even cooked and the cheese was just lying on top.
    I didn't want fries but got them any way and asked for an onion and didn't get it. The manager
    came over and asked if there was a problem and I explained it. He took care of me.

    I sat at the bar like always. The bar tender kept ignoring me while flirting with two guys at
    the other end. Finally, I yelled for her to come over and she said she was busy. When she
    came over I said it looked like you were just talking. She said I was. I said it is your job to
    push drinks and take money, not flirt. I ordered a drink and she slammed it down. The manager
    came out and talked to her but didn't say anything to me at that time.

    When the burger came out wrong he asked if there was a prob. He was cool but he was
    watching me. I went to another bar and asked that bar tender if I was wrong in acting that
    way. He said that would have never happened with me and it never has. He said the
    customer is always right here.

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taking item off menu

Chilis has always had a salad called Carribean salad with grilled chicken mandrin oranges, pineapple. I just stopped for lunch today and they no longer carry it it is the only reason i went to chilis and will no longer have lunch there. I don't understand when something is selling so good why they would take it off the menu. Very disappointed.

  • Su
    sue sevener Nov 24, 2008

    I think that Camie Ayotte was set up and now is being black balled. So the people that nutured her in time of growing with the company, are now preventing her from getting another job...good job chili's this will deffinately get out. It is a mans world, right Rich?????

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  • Why The Long Faces Nov 11, 2012

    Just because you buy it everyday does not make it a good seller. Obviously you have eaten it often enough to be able to make it yourself.

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I went to Chili's Restaurant on 1840 W. County Road B2, Roseville MN 55113. There was a large ### roach...

double charged debit card

My wife and I were at Chilis for dinner on 5-24-08. After checking our bank account today, she noticed that...

cold food

Although Chili's restaurants use the same recipies, the restaurant in Chicago Ridge serves COLD FOOD!! After sending back the soup (because it was ice cold and you could see the grease floating on top) the french fries were also cold and you could tell they had been sitting around in the kitchen. I was afraid to send them back too --maybe the server would spit on the food. The salad was brown. The whole experience was awful and we will never return to that Chili's.

  • Ed
    Eddie Rogers Apr 25, 2008

    It appears Chilis is a terrible restaurant no matter where they are. The Westmead restaurant in Sydney Australia has a terrible reputation for quality of cooking, taste of drinks, service and prices shown on final bill.
    This particular restaurant was mentioned in parliament for its treatment of staff and the manner in which they were expected to work and the errors in calculating their wages.
    Food often came not as ordered, often undercooked, often cold and raw in the middle. Management were often too off-hand about complaints.
    So called 'free' meals were often added to the bill.
    It was not unusual to have half the restaurant closed off yet have to wait up to an hour for the first course to be served.
    Tables and surrounding area was often left with food scraps from previous diners. My overall impression of this restaurant is that they are lucky people didn't become very sick from the food. Perhaps it's more a comment on the Australian healthy constitution/lifestyle that people didn't become very ill.
    Contacting Chilis USA indicated this companies overall attitude to its international customer base... couldn't really care less about complaints and people rarely lived up to their promise to get back to complainants.
    Sad thing is, the food is pretty good on the very rare occasion they get their act together. In this restaurant no-one takes responsibility and its the customer who is seen as in the wrong for having the audacity to complain.

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  • Ni
    nikki Jun 09, 2008

    My partner and I first went to chilli's in Kuala Lumpur and thought the place was brilliant. The menu had lots of varieties, service was great and the food was awsome. When we got back to Australia we thought of opening our own but now i have read that Sydney could'nt keep up with the great reputation they have over there it has now stuffed it up for us.

    Good On Ya Sydney.

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  • El
    El Shahad Nov 22, 2008

    Respected Management of Chilies Restaurant
    Complain Dep.

    Three weeks ago my sister and I went to have dinner in your Muscat, Oman Chilies in Muscat City Center, , we’ve ordered 2 steaks, WELL DONE, , after some time our dinner came looking good, I started by a bit of mashed potato’s to find the potato peal is mashed with in, I took my first bit of steak tasted lovely and nice came to cut the second bit and blood started running, I’ve called the service they said sorry took the two plates to kitchen after 15 minutes our plates came back my sister couldn’t eat once she saw the blood, both of us were hungry yet she couldn’t eat but I tried once I cut again there was blood still I asked for the manager to see the steak he looked at it and said it was ok and this is their well done… I was quite upset from his remark since I’ve eaten in their before and it was well done any way he took it to the kitchen again… Here we ordered Molten chocolate cake and ate it… after 15 minutes my plate came looks like my potato’s was put in my plate by hand as well as the left of vegi’s and the steak… At this point I didn’t feel like eating and we asked to have them to go… we went home later my sister put her steak in micro wave to warm her dish up and I didn’t, , , Once we started cutting blood was still in both steaks, , , This happened on a Thursday night a peak day of the week end in Oman… Next morning I’ve called the restaurant and talked to the manager (his name is Ahmed) and I told him what happened last night, , , He apologized so many times as well as the service the night before, , , any way he took my number and promised to call at 5 pm, , , that was 3 weeks ago… Today I’ve talked to him again to see what happened and was so shocked to know that he had passed my complain to the General Manager who said he will take care of it… Honestly I got furies’ and demanded the cash for our 2 steaks only and very calmly he said I will tell my General Manager about that… So I told him I will be making this complain to the head office that cares about their reputation mainly…

    My Demand if U kindly should do something about it since I can’t invite any guest to this place any more because I don’t trust them neither any of my sisters can imagine eating there… I wished that my email to you would’ve been a lovely thank you letter unfortunately it isn’t… Please take the proper action as soon as possible…

    I am thanking your cooperation and wish you all the success… Awaiting your action…
    Have a nice day

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menu items

We have ALWAYS considered Chili's our #1 restaurant since our very first experience in Bristol Va. several years ago.We were very excited to find a Chili's was oponed in Statesville NC. We travel all around in a group and everywhere we see a chili's we stop.
Our group of us recently visited your restaurant in Statesville to find out that our favorite #1 waitress, Star Dickson was no longer workibg there.The waitress that did wait on us was very nice and courtious. The problem we had was that the items that were listed on the menu were not available for some unexplained reason which we didn't find out yntil AFTER ordering.
We at that point called for the tab and left your restaurant and went to another restaurant in town. Needless to say we were ALL very dissapointed and are wondering if we will visit anymore of your restaurants anymore.
Just thought we needed to bring this to your attention.

Paula Starr


Our party of seven we seated at two tables, when the waitress came to bring the food we were figuring who got...

limes juggled and rolled on floor placed in drinks

I had the pleasure to be sitting at the bar last night, watching the two bartenders juggle large limes and drop them over and over onto the floor where they rolled across the floor and at least once outside of the back bar. Well, so much for that until the bartender picked them up, did not wash them, and cut them up for drinks for the unsuspecting guests. Did he realize that is a shortcut to getting someone very very sick. I called him on it, he and his manager later seemed to think that there was nothing wrong with it with their attitude. I called the restaurant the following morning to voice my concerns again to learn that the problem was never logged into their night log nor was it discussed at the morning meeting where according to the general manager it should have been done. I guess they think putting dirt into peoples drinks is no big deal. Warning...

terrible food!

My husband and I have been going to Chili's at the Kahala Mall for 5 years now. The last 6 months the...

management michelle boyle

I"m currently an employee for chili's in Mount Dora Florida. I LOVE MY JOB !!! I'm a people person and just love people! My concern today is the way Michelle Boyle treats me. She is the rudiest most unprofessional person that I know!! The way she treats people is unacceptable! I've complained to other manager's and even our General Manager it has only gotten worse. I would like to speak with someone about my concerns. Please contact me as soon as possible anyone! I'm an asset to your company and I would hate for you to lose me.

  • Lu
    luisiscool Jan 29, 2012

    Well speak to the owner of the company that shall work

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problems with policy id!

On 31 May 2007 while traveling from Beaumont, TX. to Hot Springs, AR. car problems developed in Marshal,TX that resulted in having the car repaired. This was to take a couple of hours and since it was the middle of the day and around lunch time, my wife and I decided to go to Chilis for a nice meal and a Margaritta. All went well until the waitress asked for and received our respective Driver's License. This is where the problem began. My wife had a current Texas DL but I had just turned in a current DL from La. the day before and had a temporary TX. license with no picture. The waitress took the license and checked with the manager who said he could not serve me because I didn't have a picture policy. No amount of talking would persuade him. I would like to mention at this time that I am a 60 year old man. My wife and I became discouraged and asked for his supervisors phone number. We left the restaurant and called the supervisor on a cell phone from the parking lot. We were informed that I could not be served because I did not have a picture ID... company policy. I and my family will never, NEVER go into another Chilis... that's our new policy.

  • Sa
    Sandra C Apr 09, 2008

    It is a STATE LAW THAT YOU HAVE TO HAVE YOUR DRIVER'S LICENSE TO CONSUME ALCOHOL. A corporate restaurant isn't going to risk losing its liquor license so you can get tipsy.

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  • Le
    Leo May 09, 2008

    Here, here, Sandra! Well said! I'd understand if they served you anyway, but you really can't complain if they didn't. Stop drinking in the middle of the day, anyway. ;) Its not that big of a deal.

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  • Th
    The Jenn Jan 20, 2009

    boo friggin hoo. I work there. and if we were to serve you alchole and you had been someone who was testing us, then we could have lost our job and possibly have to appear in court. no one is worth that, especially over a margirita.

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  • 58
    583586 Oct 26, 2010

    i guess you showed them old man...look this isnt the 1800's where one family boycotting a place of business isnt going to bankrupt them. you dont need to be looking for lunch anyways, you should be shopping for caskets and burial plots

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  • Go
    god is lovee Apr 05, 2015

    I had a similar experience today . I asked for an alcohol beverage, waitress then asked for my ID not a driver license.
    I took out my only Mexican picture ID issued in California. He then said "sorry we can't take that " I asked "why not" he said to me "we just don't " My friend going with me then said ok I'll take the drink and she took out her California ID . of course it was for me so I was drinking it . Manager then came up to me trying to explain once again only that he actually had a better reason and mentioned it was under their policy .manager then said to me he can take a California iD or a PASSPORT I was in total shock and disbelief and couldnt comprehend his concerned . I was upset and bother . I thought it was all about the age when drinking alcohol, sadly today I learned it isn't. I believe chiles must have more knowledge of what kind of Id's they should take rather than just taking one kind. Not all of us can obtain the same kind .

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bad service, cold food!

My friends and I visited the new Chilis Restaurant in Lancaster Ca at around 11:30 am today. After a 10 min wait to be seated the waitress did not return to take our order, We watched as she waited on several other tables near ours, as a matter of fact I had to get up from my seat and ask the server (which at the time was taking the order for a group that had come in much later than we had) if she was responsible for the service at our table. She said that she was sorry, and that she had forgotten about us. After we ordered the food arrived 20 minutes later. The food was cold. There was no silverware on the table. This was the worst service that I had every had. I would like to spoke to someone who cares.

  • Sa
    Sandra C Apr 09, 2008

    As a server, maybe you should realize that the time you went to the restaurant was during a busy lunch hour. Its not your problem that the employees might have been really overwhelmed or understaffed. Its not your problem, but you should have some compassion. Your complaint sounds a bit inflated and I'm sure you threw in a bit of exaggeration. Going up to someone when they are at another table? Whether you were forgotten about or not, have some class. Sounds like you had a bad attitude. Take a look around a busy restaurant and realize you are not the only one there.

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