Chili's Grill & Barbehaviour on waitress and manager

On Jan 07, 2017 we experienced the worst service at this location we ever have. We go into this location probably every 2 weeks. We entered Chili's at 2:16 pm order our drinks She brought mine, my one son, and my husband drinks but did not receive until 2:45 and my other son didn't received his till 2:55 with the appetizers and we received our dinner at 3:00 She was busy waiting other tables and kept passing ours not letting us know when ours order was coming. At the time she was taking our order she look up and stare at the front enter watching customers coming in and we stop giving our order until she was ready, I said to her that she was rude for making us wait to take our order and she just took the rest of the order and went to the kitchen. This manager was walking by and I told him I want to speak to a manager and he came to our table, While I was speaking to him he was looking around and not paying attention of what I was saying and I said, hey load for him to here me and I said you didn't here a word I said.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Kansas City, MO He look at me and said what? So I had to tell him again and said that I should get a break on our bill but he said nothing and walk away. Of our talk about the drink the Manager said that the milk is in the bar so it takes a while to received but I told him not 33 min. I talk to this other waitress and said to her that we need another waitress and she took it upon herself to step in. I will be looking for her to be our services in about month. She was working our table and 3 others at the same time while the other waitress was in law land. The food was room temperature from sitting to long but we stay so we could be a service to our waitress that help us. We were so ready to get out of there. Ticket #20048 says Alex 402 but not sure if that is 1st waitress or 2nd no problem with 2nd waitress. I didn't catch the Manager name but he was a tall black man who never said how was your food or do you need a another refill at anyone table and never once ask how your food, drinks, or anything you need while we were there. He was to busy wiping tables not paying attention what was going on in the restaurant.

Jan 09, 2017

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