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I recently went to a Chili's at 4500 Beltline in Addison, Texas. I was a regular customer until May 16, 2008.
I went in and ordered my ususal food which was good.

However when I went to pay, I made a mistake by paying in cash, after the waitress took my money, and I turned my head for less than a minute to to say thank you to my waitress, I noticed that my wallet was not on the table.

After asking if anyone had seen anything, and going back up to the restaurant the next day, I was greeted by the most rude, non caring, no manners general manager who after being told what happened just shrugged his shoulders and did not even offer to look for it. His name was Jess, and he did not apologize nor did his honest??employees. I feel like one of his employees was the one that stole the wallet. I had over $300 cash in cash. They did not even offer me a free meal or gift card or NOTHING.

I told him he has no customer service at all and he said nothing. I was told(but actually lied to) that they would check with the cleaning crew.That was a lie also. Management did not care when I told them I would be making a police report and I told the police about their no caring attitude and he said he believe that.



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      Dec 17, 2009
    Chili's Bar & Grill - Very disappointing
    Chili's Bar & Grill
    United States

    We went to Chili's recently on a weekend day, during what would NOT be considered a busy time. We were seated quickly but it took FOREVER to get our order taken. Then it took even LONGER to get our food. The food was VERY disappointing. Bland in some dishes way TOO salty in others, VERY meager SMALL portions. Not at all what we would have expected from the hype. We will never go back.

    The steak was teeny and overcooked, the fish was equally small in portion size and tepid at best with loads of salt. Why on earth is it so hard to prep good food anymore??

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      Dec 17, 2009

    thats such an unfortuante experience to hear about. I'm sorry that this has happened to you, I would at least expect some sympathy from their manager or employee even though lets say they knew nothing of the wallet. What the heck happened to customer service? terrible!

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      Dec 17, 2009

    Sorry to hear about that. As an employee of the restaurant business for over 15 yrs., I know how important it is customer service. In today's world we have nothing of the sort. As long as you give them your money, that's all they want and they seem not to care if you come back or not. Not good business. That manager should have at least looked further in to the matter and at least offered a dinner, at the least! I'm not from your area but if I was, I would take your advice and not go to that restaurant. Contact their main headquarters and file a complaint on the manager. As for your lost money and wallet, well, your going to have to take that on the shoulder. nothing can be proven!

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      Dec 17, 2009

    Thats very unfortunate experience to hear about. If I ever was in that position, I would at least expect some sympathy..thats the least thing a manager, or any staff member should do! even though lets say they know nothing about your wallet! whats wrong with the world!!!

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      Oct 26, 2010

    ok im not going to sit here with everyone else and feel sorry for someone who cant keep track of his you get the bill, take your wallet out of your back pocket (or purse, hey you never know) open the wallet, pull money out, place it in the little book they give you and then you put your wallet on the table? why not put it back in your pocket or purse? you said it yourself, you looked away...even if its only for a minute, thats all it DESERVED to get your wallet stolen

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      Jul 17, 2018

    @583586 This guy is funny! Next time you do something stupid...I guess everyone will also think you deserved it. Duh.

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