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Chick-Fil-A / rude staff / management!

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There is a Chick-Fil-A here at the large Mall in Toledo Ohio. I honestly believe that they go out of their way to hire the rudest, most obnoxious people that they can find! One of the managers, a skinny older redhead responds to most customer complaints with : "Well, no one is forcing you to eat here!" "There's plenty of other restaurants in town!", etc.

I wouldn't eat at this place veer again even if I was starving!

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  • De
      16th of Aug, 2008
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    ice dream - different at different locations
    chick filet
    United States

    at different locations the ice cream looks and tastes different-for example the new chick filet on Chastain road in kennesaw taste like ice cream tou would get at Dairy Queeen and that is not what yopur ice dream is supposed to be --the one on Barrett Pkwy is wonderful--it reminds me og homemade ice cream--I have mentioned this to the manager but it doesn't seem to sink in that they are obviously not doing it right!! there are also other chick filets in the area and some arew good and some are not--I was told that it depends on how they store the mixture--either on the shelf or in the refrigerator--
    i drive further to get ice dream on Barrett Pkwy and would really like it if everyone would make it the right way

  • Bu
      22nd of Apr, 2009
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    I work at the 2700 Miamisburgh location in Washington township. I applied for a full time position, but recently I've been reduced to part time. I come in every day and do my job to the fullest. I treat the customers very well . I don't know why I'm being treated this way. Even though I'm working part time now I'm still being sent home early.
    One afternoon I came to work and I had to go back home because I was sick and vomiting. This might be one of the reason's my hours have been cut. I think this might be an act of retaliation. I can give another reason why I feel this way. I was at work one day and I was off the following day and one of the managers asked me if I could be off that following day and I replied that my wife and I had plans and I was unavailable. They may be holding that against me.
    From what I have observed during my past month working at this location, the head management does not represent the values of Truett S. Cathy. I can honestly if he was to privately observe this restaurant for one day he would be very disappointed. I previously worked for another Chick fila in Atlanta and and I miss it so much because they treated me so well. I don't know what do because this restaurant is privately owned. What are my rights.

  • Ar
      26th of Apr, 2009
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    Here at Norfolk, VA at lowery road. Its not about customer services, well kinda, but stealing. I put my touchscreen phone on top of the trash can then the guy suddenly goes over and cleans that trash can. But i didnt realize it because a lady called me down to get the milkshake i ordered. The dude who was handling the trash can immeditetly locked the doors when we left. It was closing time(the closing time was 10:00) We left there at 10:08 but then two minutes later i realize i didnt have my phone with me. So we went back at about 10:11. They wouldnt let me in so i went to talk to a lady at the drive thru. Then the lady says that she doesnt speak english but i knew she was lieng because she was the one who was working at the drive thru. Then she started speaking english. I told her can you guys check if a phone is at the restaurant. They went looking for it, five minutes later they didnt look for it. The dude who was handling the trash can was not even looking for it. They told us they couldnt find it. So i told them if i can come in. They told me no! So i went back to the car, my cousin only called them twice and the manager said that can you guys stop calling. So she got mad. But get this nobody was at the restaurant when we came besides the workers. The next day, we came back. The manager wasnt there and so was the girl in the drive thru and the dude who was handling the trash can, but somebody remembered us. When we were talking to the new manager, she couldn't even look at us or keep a straight face. Then when we left she whispered something to the manager with a smile. I knew that there the one who took it They are lieng! They stole my freaking phone and they really had a bad customer service! Now i dont have my phone and it was my birthday the next day i lost my phone.

  • Cb
      13th of Jun, 2009
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    I work at a chick-fil-a in Jacksonville, FL, i am a manager. I am extremely upset because of how they treat their employees and i don't know where to go to complain. I have been working there for 7 years. This past week, I got a kidney infection and had to go to the hospital. I called that night to let them know I would not be in the following day. I talked to the manager on duty that night and i called another manager at home just so there was no confusion. At 5:45 am the next morning, i had a phone call asking me where I was at. I told them the situation, then called the GM at home and tried explaining what the issue was. She was very rude and we hung upp. Today i cahecked my email for my schedule, and saw she only sheduled me for 2 days!!! When i called up there to ask her about it, I got the run around from the lady that answered the phone saying she was busy. I asked for her to call me back, and still have not recieved a phone call. This has been going on forever with the other employees. When the GM and owner get upset with an employee, even if it is not right, they cut their hours and try to get them to quit. Again, i am a manager, I know how they work. I have never had it happen to me untuil now, and i am tired of it, it's WRONG! Unfortunantly, i do not know where to go to make a complaint. How am I supposed to support my family off of 2 days of work when I normally work 40 hours? I have a medically needy child, andthis is just inacceptable!
    A concerned worker

  • Mi
      28th of Jul, 2010
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    my complaint is for the chick fil a of hodges and beach blvd Jacksonville, FL because they let customers do not respect the rules of your playground and let the big boys play in the playground and toddlers not can play because the big mistreat them. Please, I do not care about losing a customer because they have many but they are more attentive to what happens in their areas. Today some kids did not let my girls play 3 years in the playground and I still beat them and made them less for the simple fact of not speaking English.

  • El
      28th of Nov, 2010
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    C. Bell, I realize this is a little late, but I recommend contacting your regional director. Hell, I'd phone up Truett Cathy himself if my store was trying that horse [censor] with me.

    Now, I worked at a Chick-fil-A for two years, and my biggest problem was the owner. He kept imposing himself on me and interfering in my personal life. I hope I never see that dickweed again. What does it say about a boss when you try to figure out the best thing he ever did for you, and the answer turns out to be "firing me for something I didn't do"? Because, hey, at least I have the job I'm in now. I don't have to take his bull [censor] anymore.

    Oh, and Joe Blow? The manager has a point. He's begging to lose his job, but he has a point. The problem with "The Customer is Always Right" philosophy is that customers have come to believe it. You deserve to be treated like a human being. Now, maybe the Chick-fil-A in question failed to do so, in which case, you have a legitimate complaint. But experience tells me that you're upset because you wished to be treated like God, and you didn't get it. News flash; you're not actually God. Human. Being. No more, no less. Certainly it sounds like the manager in question has to deal with more than his share of idiots reading him the riot act with no good reason. Maybe you need to step back and examine your expectations. Put yourself in his shoes, so to speak. You may find you have some room to be more reasonable.

  • Br
      15th of Dec, 2010
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    I have worked for Chick-fil-A for 3 years at two seperate FSUs. Both places I started as a team member, and worked my way rapidly up the totem pole to hold a management position. I have an excellent work ethic, am always on time, loved by guests and my team... and have been screwed over by both operators.
    The operators that Chick-fil-A hires are fickle, and mislead their leadership. Both operators turned on me overnight. One day I was their best manager, with a bright future, and the next, I was not even worthy to be a team member, according to them. My fall from grace at both stores involved getting a new GM. I tried to support these GMs and their rule changes, and even defended them, at the loss of some personal friends. Only to be stabbed in the back by these two, who I can only assume were threatened by me. At the second store, i had contributed soo much more to the team then the new GM, that I am sickened by their unethical behavior towards me. I had just written their entire training program, formulated a new customer complaint system, reformatted the cleaning processes at night, created an employee recognition and reward system, as well as giving them a plan for reformatting their management team. All to have my hours cut significantly, with no reason given, and then after being specifically told the day before by the operator that I was an invaluable part of her management team, and she looke forward to working with me for a long time, that my services were no longer required as a manager, but I was still welcome to be part of the team. I was then "allowed" to go home to think about it, wo that I could have the night to decide. Bull. If I had taken that position as a Team Member, I would have had that same game played with me, cutting more and more hours, until I quit, because they had no grounds for firing me. The best part of all this... that GM is the operator's son... who wants his own store... Corporate thinks he is too immature. They are correct.

  • Th
      13th of May, 2011
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    wow i never thought in my years fo service that i would be treated like this... i have been overlooked for years managers come in our store making more money than the other managers and we have to train the because they have no experience! How do u want me to go to work and enjoy it if these things keep happenning! Our operator is so self centered and he is all about the lunch time he makes sures we move as many cars in the drive thru because we need to make this money... Im sure the founder of this great company IS NOT ABOUT THE $$$$$$ he is a great individual, caring and loving...totally opossite from my biss that fired me over a casualty mind you i have never been written up never late or a way im sad cause im never gonna match my wages with another location but the Lord knows how much i had to suffer to make how much i was making and lets not forget the prejudice and the racism...mind blowing I am unemployed and dissaponited!

  • Ca
      8th of Jul, 2011
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    I am very upset I called corporate because my 2 yr. son got injured, and one of the the manager in lufkin tx did not take proper actions and disregarded the fact that my son cut his forehead, gushing blood came out and that young manager cared more about business than my son. Did chick fil a pay for urgent doc? The answer is no they offer nothing. If I would have been from another race would something have been done? I cannot believe that. All I can do is pray that people change. We count our blessings that my son is doing better and he is healing.

  • Ca
      26th of Aug, 2011
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    I recently visited Chick-fil-A, It was a very unpleaseant experience. In all the years i have been going to Chik-fil-A restaurants I never had such bad customer service, not only did i have bad customer service, my order was not taken correctly. When I spoke to the manger about the order and how it was wrong he gave me an attitude. This Marcus Herrod "Manager" had the worst customer service not only did he not greet us, but had a snobby attitude. He refused to make eye contact with us when we spoke to him as if he were superior to us, me and my family. I will never visit this location (Marietta Trade C enter) again, you have horrible management! Let it be noted that they were not even busy so therefor there was no excuse for his behavior. Its sickening to see how people act snobby and rude to their customers, Its your responsibility to treat your customers with respect, SO that the employees below you will learn from you.

  • Di
      31st of Jul, 2012
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    Recent bad experience at Chick fil A in San Antonio. Location Blanco Road across from the Vineyard Shopping Center.
    Went through the drive thru for a 12 piece nuggett meal for my son on the way home from work. Driving home, I grabbed a nuggett to nibble on. Smells like cigarettes. Something is not right. Called the manager on duty. Spoke with Matt. Explain that something is wrong with the nuggetts. He asks " do they smell burnt" I say they smell like someone threw cigarrette ashes in them or cooked them in ashes.
    He responds with "yeh we've been getting that complaint all week" If that was the complaint all week, shouldn't the restaurant stop selling them until the problem is resolved? Matt states he doesn't know when the equipment will be looked at. I'm writing a letter to the franchise owner and CEO. Sheesh. I'll never trust this restaurant location again!

  • Tr
      5th of Feb, 2016
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    I absolutely can not believe you no longer carry Cole slaw anymore! That was a really ignorant decision and you need to definitely rethink it! That's the only reason I ate there instead of other chicken places and I know a lot of people will feel the same way when they find out.

  • Go
      28th of Jun, 2017
    +1 Votes

    My first time at the local store in Lakeland Florida and although the food was good and the people were pleasant, first my order of a CFA deluxe sandwich and large milkshake and grilled salad was delivered as a special with fries (not ordered).
    The salad came with no utensils. Didn't know you had to pick up your own.
    Before leaving, ordered a small vanilla cone. Marked $1.19 on menu board. Was charged $1.25 plus tax of 9cents. When I brought this to the waitress' attention she consulted with the manager who said "give him back 6 cents" I suggested they change the sign to read correctly and was given a shrug.
    Did not check for discrepancy on other items. No big deal on the 6 cents but as the saying goes "It's the principle of the thing" .

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