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I was miss sold a telephone and broad band package which was to be no more then £38 per month. The first month it was £40.50, the second month it was £40.45 and the third month it was £48.54. After that it has steadily increased to £65 per month and now it has gone up to £95.

When I stared the contract I should have had telephone land line and the fiber optic supper fast broadband. The contract started in Jan 2014 and lasted for 1 yr, but in Feb 2014 there was a fault on the line so I had no telephone and no broadband. I had no service for four months and the engineers came out four times. Twice I was charged £125 for not being in but I had phoned and canceled one appointment and the other time the engineer never came out to my property but said he had.

My business is Dependant on the Internet and I can't work without it. Eventually after four months a contractor engineer came out and fixed the fault but sated that the wiring in the street box was in a real mess and wasn't surprised that nothing worked. He also stated that I hadn't got Fiber broad only the basic broadband.

I complained about this and was given the option of no broadband and paying the remainder of the contract or starting a new contract which lasted two years. In order not to go out was business I had not canceled my previous provider and continued to use them, with the intention of staying with chess telecom. But when I complained that they were in breach of contract by not providing a service for four months they insisted that I could not cancel the contract until the two years was up or I would have to pay the remainder of the two years up front to cancel or they would take me to court for the outstanding money.

I have not used the service since but have being paying £65 per month ever since. I want to cancel the contract in April 2016 and want four months payments refunded for the period of no service. As they are in breach of contract I feel they should refund the whole two years payments. I am sure they won't do that so I will settle for the four months refund.

If I had known they were part of BT I would never have used them as a provider because of the way BT treats its customers.

Mar 03, 2016

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