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Doing nothing would be this company's favorite pastime if they would have the energy for it.

Chess Ltd

Bridgford House, Heyes Lane
Alderley Edge
England, Cheshire
United Kingdom - SK97JP

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+44 844 770 6000(Customer Service) 1 0
+44 800 688 8858(Voice & Connect, Sales) 1 0
+44 844 770 4219(Voice & Connect, Faults Support) 1 0
+44 844 770 4225(Voice & Connect, PBX Support) 1 0
+44 128 241 8800(ICT, Sales) 1 0
+44 128 241 8855(ICT, Support) 1 0
+44 128 478 8900(CyberSecurity, Sales) 1 0
+44 128 478 8901(CyberSecurity, Tech Support) 1 0
+44 128 478 8902(CyberSecurity, Managed Services Support) 1 0
+44 141 889 3088(Digital) 1 0
+44 800 019 0194(Cancelling An Existing Contract) 1 0
+44 844 770 6060(Direct Debit Team) 1 0
+44 800 288 8966(Loyalty Team) 1 0
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1 Elstree Gate Elstree Way, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, WD6 1JD, England

Manor Park, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP31 2QR, England

ICT, Alderley
Bridgford House Heyes Lane, Alderley Edge, Cheshire, SK9 7JP, England

ICT, Burnley
Crown House Network 65 Business Park, Bridgewater, Burnley, BB11 5TE, England

Digital, Glasgow
17 Glasgow Road, Paisley, PA1 3QS, Scotland

Digital, Edinburgh
52 Morrison Street, Edinburgh, EH3 8EE, Scotland

Chess Complaints & Reviews

Chess Telecom / internet service

Mar 26, 2019

The internet is only available 75% of the time and if the telephone rings or someone uses another device the internet cuts off I have spent 3 years complaining and all that seems to happen is they change my contract and tie me in for another few years, I was promised a fibre connection...

Chess / contract

Feb 26, 2019

Following a fire at my workshop I urgently needed to divert all calls to my mobile. As my line supplier I called Chess to organise. In initially very helpful but they signed me up to a 5 year contract over the phone and although I said i was not happy about this they did not offer any...

Chess Telecom / internet by chess telecom

Sep 24, 2018

We are a small company relying entirely on our internet connection. Our internet connection went down at 10 am 24 September 2018. We have been trying to contact Chess all day to find out when the internet will reconnect, all we've been getting is a recorded message saying we are...

Chess Telecom / their service is a joke!

Jan 15, 2018

Chess TelecomWe had a new system Installed via shell communications which was then bought out by chess. From day one of shell we had problems. So was relieved when chess took over. We reported our problem of customers not being able to contact us on a regular bases to there customer service and even sent...

Chess Telecom / broadband mess.

Sep 25, 2017

Chess ICT acquired our account from Tru Telecom which didn't seem a problem at the time. We received a phone call from the sales dept. offering us a calls and fibre braodband package. This seemed ok and we went ahead with the order. Our Fibre connection has still not been done, we are 9...

Chess ICT Telecoms / telephone

Jul 06, 2017

Cosycats cattery leicester chess muscled in on the partial purchase of true telecom business affairs around january of this year im now moving to postoffice telecom as a result, i am not knowingly in contract with them and neither have i had notification of either business selling or...

Chess ICT / phone and broadband

Mar 13, 2017

Chess ICT are conmen and need to be stopped!!! They are refusing to accept no less than 3 different contracts for the Never beaten on price gaurantee" i moved premesis and they couldnt supply broadband and phone to the new unit... i asked them to move the line over which they put into BT...

Chess Telecom LTD / forge contract

Dec 14, 2016

I have complete my agreement in October 2016. I have been looking at alternatives to there over priced service and slow wifi services which are unstable. We finally decided to go with BT again and VOIP phones. I called them last we to close the account and change over to BT All wa...

Chess Telecom / not honouring the never beaten on price guarantee!

Nov 28, 2016

I have been with chess for more than 4 years and they have been fine until i tried to move away to a cheaper contract... I moved my business and it took them 3 months to actually get my line moved and when they finally got it connected, there was no broadband!! the best they could come up...

Chess Telecom / telephone line and broadband

Mar 03, 2016

I was miss sold a telephone and broad band package which was to be no more then £38 per month. The first month it was £40.50, the second month it was £40.45 and the third month it was £48.54. After that it has steadily increased to £65 per month and now it has gone up to £95. When I stared...

Chess Telecom / termination charges

Oct 16, 2015

Chess Telecom took over my previous phone provider and after being with them for 4yrs I decided to group all my bills with Sky. A couple of days later I had a threatening aggressive phone call from them saying I had breached my contract as I had previously agreed a 5yr deal. This was never...

Chess Telecom / scam email

Aug 01, 2015

I received an email on 31 July 2015 from Chess Telecom ([protected] telling me I owed them £17.50 for services provided in July 2015 and an attachment purporting to be the bill. The attachment was a virus which was blocked by my antivirus software. I don't even...

Chess Telecom / very questionable billing practices –watch out

May 07, 2015

This Company presumed to add charges for services that were not agreed. I took this up with them and during protracted discussions they added insult to injury by sticking a late fee of £25.00 on the account every month. And as this was not enough Chess Telecom continued to charge me...

Chess Telecom / overcharge

Dec 09, 2014

For the second time this year their customer services department has spectacularly failed at doing a proper job or even having the courtesy to return calls with a solution for a recent overcharge. When I said I would cancel my direct debit until it was sorted they strongly advised me not...

Chess Telecom / service, billing, the lot

Jul 23, 2014

The worst company in the world. I don't even know where to start. They are so awful, when I complained I got abusive emails from their CEO, David Pollock. Their service is unreliable. Their technical support failed to find a fault on my line that caused serious problems for a month. I...

Chess Telecom / very bad customer services

Jul 02, 2014

We have been trying to serve notice since 7th May 2014, we were told to email customer services. After not receiving anything back I rang them again, they apologised and said to send again! Still hadn't heard any thing back so again rang them and was told to email the RedTeam, thi...

Chess Telecom / chess telecom give my private data to 3rd party companies

May 16, 2014

when you signup a for a service with CHESS TELECOM obviously they do a credit check on you. I had some financial problems, now I am clean but its not the case. so they never told me I have a bad credit score, they never refuse me a service and I become their happy customer. in next 3 days I...

Chess Telecom / they give my private data to 3rd party companies

May 16, 2014

when you signup a for a service with them obviously they do a credit check on you. I had some financial problems, now I am clear but its not the case. so they never told me I have a bad credit score, they never refuse me a service and I become their customer. in next 3 days I recieved...

Chess Telecom / breach of contract

Jul 04, 2013

We chose Chess Telecom as our reseller provider. We are a small Telecom company, we set this business up to provide low cost calls for Schools & Charities (at very low profit to us) to help us provide them an all-round IT Solution that we also provide. We also provide telecom solutions to...

Chess Telecom / disconection fraud

Jun 03, 2013

I have been using this company for several years to make cheap international calls and have paid them by direct debit. Some moths ago I found a much cheaper provider I phoned up Chess Telecome asking for their service to be disconected. I was told that I have a 'contract' untill 5th...

Chess Telecom LTD / bought my service from geezer


Beware Beware Chess Telecom will rip you off I had a 30 day rolling contract with a company called Geezer been with them for over a year Suddenly I had This Company send a letter and thank you for choosing Chess Telecom I called them and said I was not happy the way they just took over and...

Chess Telecom / get out clause


We run a small business and used a company which became part of chess telecom. After a few years (Longer than the original 3 year verbal agreement) we changed to another company. We signed no contract with either chess telecom or their predecessors. An invoice arrived for £150 + vat from che...

Chess PLC Telecoms / outrageous experience


Be warned a lot of small business sign up with this company on a 12 month contract when that contract ends u have to give them 30 days written notice that u r going to leave them if not then there is a clause in the contract that u have to pay for a further 6 months line rental which...