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[Resolved] / fraud

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There are too many unhappy customers out there. I for one would not allow anyone charging me for service and not delivering them and worst of all dodging the questions. We all pay for true and honest service and we are entitled to refunds until either they shut down or serve us (the customers) with respect and dignity.

Let’s put our efforts together and petition the company for remedy. We can also send the same to the NY’s state general attorney’s office for fraud and FTC for the same.

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • CheapOair Customer Care's Response, Jun 04, 2008

    Ken, I believe I have responded to you via the PISSED CONSUMER board, we have sent several emails regarding the fact that UNITED AIRLINES could not accommodate seating together for your family on the outbound flights, but did for your return seating. Ultimately the airlines have the final decision, it is their aircraft and they control what happens. You mentioned that our agent told you a different seat for the outbound flight, all seats are requested and not guranteed, why would she go through the process of booking seats, just to tell you false information!

    We do sympathize with you that the airlines would not reconsider moving other passengers around to accommodate your seating preference, but that is hardly a reason to "SUE" Cheapoair or any other travel agency, we are not responsible for the airlines actions.

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  • Je
      8th of Nov, 2008
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    I am writing to let you know that I am completely dissatisfied with the service I received through Cheapoair. I purchased tickets on 11/4/08 leaving from Orlando to Ottawa. I received a call four days later that they couldn't issue my tickets due to the price change. First off, I could barely understand the person that called me due to the language barrier so I had to hang up and call back. When I called back I was told that they contacted the airline and my tickets could not be issued. You should now allow people to enter their credit card information and give them a booking number if tickets cannot be issued. The gentleman I spoke with could not help me at all and said there was nothing he could do but possible get me other tickets for about $500 more. Working for a business myself we strive on maintaining good customer service, however, what I received from Cheapoair was beyond horrible. I was told that I needed to contact the airline. When I contacted them they informed me that their affiliation with Cheapoair was not very good and that they recommend that I don't purchase tickets through you. You simply take screen shots of their pricing and attempt to purchase the tickets while not keeping current with the pricing changes. This I feel is not good business practice. I ended up purchasing the exact same tickets through the airline directly for almost the exact same price with great service. When I called Cheapoair to let them know to be sure everything was cancelled they informed me they would charge me $24 each ticket which was non-refundable. This is a disgrace. You cannot provide me with the tickets but yet you can charge me a fee? This is fraud. The person I spoke to by the name of Andrew advised me there would be no charge and my flight would be cancelled after I had to argue wi th him for several minutes. I have also informed my credit card company that any charge of the sort is fraudulent and not to allow it to pass through. I am very dissapointed that such a popular website would provide such horrible service. I hope that you can improve in this area as I wouldn't want someone to experience what I had to experience today.


  • Ma
      28th of Dec, 2008
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    I believe I have a significant problem with the way in which Cheapoair handled my reservations with WestJet. I include herewith correspondence pertaining to this matter. In addition I have difficulty in understanding why, after dealing with WestJet only on my reservation, I received an e-mail from Cheapoair providing my Booking Receipt and Confirmation. This doesn’t seem right!

    In addition to the e-mail to Cheapoair of today’s date I include the following from Cheapoair:

    Date: 11/18/2008 12:31:39 PM
    Subject: Your booking 1616269 on has been canceled.

    Dear Maurice Thomas,

    Thank you for choosing for your travel reservations.

    Your reservation with booking number 1616269 made on 11/18/2008 has been cancelled on Tuesday, November 18, 2008.

    Please note that the travel insurance that you may have purchased on your original reservation can not be transferred to any new reservation and is non-refundable. Also note that the service fees that you incurred on your original reservation are non-refundable.

    Since you are a valued client, any tickets that were issued against the above mentioned reservation will be canceled and a refund will be credited back to your credit card account. Please allow up to four weeks for the credit to appear on your statement.

    For further information or assistance with your booking, please contact our customer service at 866-636-9088. If you are calling from outside the US or Canada, please call 212 478-0335 or email us at

    We look forward to your continued patronage with


    Customer Service

    The following was sent to Cheapoair today by e-mail:

    I am still awaiting a response to my e-mail below. PLEASE RESPOND.

    This will be copied to WestJet and the Better Business Bureau

    -------Original Message-------

    From: maurice thomas
    Date: 11/19/2008 1:58:22 PM
    To: feedback@cheapoair.Com
    Subject: Trip Purchases

    I am massively ticked off at CHEAPOAIR. I made two separate reservations for me and my wife departing Edmonton on different dates for Barbados but returning on the same day. First, I receive the following e-mail:

    Dear Maurice Thomas,

    Thank you for choosing Cheapoair.Com.

    This is in reference to booking # 1616321

    We have received a message from the airline that they are unable to confirm your flights at the price quoted when you made your reservations on-line.

    Airfares and inventory change throughout the day based on demand. Airlines reserve the right to modify them at any time. We monitor these changes closely and make every effort to keep our fare displays as current as possible. Sometimes the fare difference is the result of a technical issue with a specific airline.

    We have searched our data base of over 100 million flight options including 18 million of our own negotiated, exclusive and wholesale airfares on more than 350 carriers and have found suitable alternative flights.

    In order to confirm the new itinerary, we are asking that you contact us at 1-866-636-9088 or email us at tkt@cheapoair.Com.

    Because these fares are only available for a limited time, we ask that you call us immediately upon receipt of this email. Please note that fares are not guaranteed until tickets are issued and charged to your credit card.

    Thank you,

    I responded immediately and was conned into accepting a flight at a much higher cost. I did not attempt to determine if cheaper flights were available at the time, but I am sure that I could have gotten better fares had I been suspicious of the ineptness of the agent.

    However very shortly after receiving and acting on the above e-mail I received the following e-mail:

    Dear Maurice,

    Thank you for choosing Cheapoair.Com.

    This is in reference to booking #1616269

    Due to the multiple carriers that make up the itinerary you've chosen, we are experiencing technical difficulties and your original booking cannot be confirmed.

    We have searched our data base of over 100 million flight options including 18 million of our own negotiated, exclusive and wholesale airfares on more than 350 carriers and have found suitable alternative flights.
    WS 426 Y 29DEC 1 YEGYYZ KK1 0100 0637 29DEC E WS.X3Q3J0
    3 WS 712 Y 29DEC 1 YYZBGI KK1 0940 1554 29DEC E WS.X3Q3J0
    4 WS 713 Y 31JAN 6 BGIYYZ KK1 1700 2159 31JAN E WS.X3Q3J0
    5 WS 575 Y 01FEB 7 YYZYEG KK1 0715 0927 01FEB E WS.X3Q3J0
    New fare 1985.71...please call us so that we may look for lower fares

    Please call us using our 24/7 toll free number 866-636-9088 and one of our travel specialists will be happy to assist you with no additional service fees. You may also email us at tkt@cheapoair.Com.

    Because these fares are only available for a limited time, we ask that you call us immediately upon receipt of this email.

    Thank you,

    Again, I immediately contacted Cheapoair by phone. My original quoted price was US$862.58. I was flabbergasted when I read above that the new fare was in the order of US$1985.71!!! This was more than twice the original quote!! I instructed the agent to look for a different flight and the best price she could find was over US$1100 as I recall. I would not accept that fare. The agent said she would cancel the reservation. I immediately went to the WestJet website and made a reservation for the same dates, which was confirmed immediately, at a cost of $987.71 CAD. This is the equivalent of US$807.15, which is a saving over Cheapoair's best fare of US$358. I believe I would have gotten an even better deal from WestJet had I gone to them initially rather than waste my time being screwed by Cheapoair.

    Currency comparisons: US$ $CAD

    862.58 1055.53
    1100.00 1346.07
    1985.71 2429.91
    807.15 987.71 A reduction of $358 CDN in my cost (1346-988).

    I must conclude the agent was NOT doing her job by ensuring she had the lowest fare to quote me. There is something basically wrong with the system that demands forfeiting certain costs (fees and insurance premium totaling US$179.53 in this case) when, through no fault of mine, the flight cannot be confirmed and I am given two choices, pay the much higher fare, which was nowhere near the lowest fare available, or cancel and get dinged for fees and insurance premium. It is definitely not fair. Where is the incentive for the agent to ensure she has ferreted out the lowest fare available? I take it that Cheapoair gets the fees regardless of whether I accept the fare she suggests or cancel an unconfirmed flight. Who gets the insurance premium? As far as I can see nothing has been done by the agent or the insurer to warrant confiscating the $179.53. Had the flight been confirmed and I decided to cancel, for any reason, then and only then would I concede that forfeiture of the fees, insurance premium and fares would be acceptable. This was my understanding as I interpreted what I read. Fees should be assessed only when the client cancels a confirmed booking.

    I would appreciate receiving a response from you on the foregoing. The most important point I want an answer to is the fact that the agent did not provide me with the lowest fare available at the time.

    Yours truly

    Maurice Thomas

  • Be
      24th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes is a dishonest company and we can't believe to any of their words. All they do is lie to you to charge you unauthorised fees, charges, and cancelation fees. Don't trust them period. We need to get together and file complaints everywhere we can to stop these predatory tactics.

  • Yo
      7th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    wow; i think that its absolutely ridiculous that certain people (see above) would go to such great lengths to make such a huge deal when they really know for an absolute fact that they are absolutely wrong!

    as the replier stated seats are not guaranteed. this person is assuming he is guaranteed a non guaranteed seat, and then when it is confirmed it is not guaranteed, he doesnt care to listen to the facts, he just simply argues and whines and pouts like a little baby.

    this is the problem with america; narcissistic babies who think the world owes them something, and so they go around pooping on everybodies life to make themselves feel better about their pathetic issues.

    big babies

  • Yo
      7th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    being a happily married woman (hi Larry! I love you!!!), if my husband went to such great lengths to make a public ### of himself, like the above, id being suing for a divorce.

  • Ch
      9th of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes

    I bought their flight insurance!!! What a scam this is, they work together so you can not collect a dime. Some airlines will not give you flight cancellation documentation, which you need for to make a claim, on top of a long list of other documents you need. After 6 hours of getting no where I am writing this. DO NOT USE CHEAPO OR BUY THEIR INSURANCE.

  • Nl
      30th of Jan, 2014
    0 Votes

    I need to know how serious is this company, because you charged me 50 USD extra instead of deducting 50 USD for my booking, then withdrew extra 136.32 USD from my Master card ( 87.5 USD on 23/01/14, 36.6 USD + 12.22 USD on 28/01/14) with-out my is a dishonest company and we can't believe to any of their words

  • Ma
      28th of Apr, 2016
    0 Votes

    Here is the story: I purchase the ticket several months ago. A week before my departure date, cheapOair send me an email asking me to accept a flight change. I accept the new options/schedule the same date. The next day I called to their schedule change department and ask for my ticket (because I can't get the boarding pass without a ticket!), I was told to wait for 24 hours and they will call me back tomorrow to give me an update, so I waited for 24 hours and nobody called me back. I called CheapOair again and they said they've send an email to Air China and ask me to wait for another 24 hours and they will call me the next day for an update. Again they didn't call me so I called them back and was told nothing they can do, I need to wait for another 24 hours...So I have waited for 3 days at this point, and tomorrow is Friday and I am leaving Monday morning at 8am. If they didn't give me ticket again by tomorrow, there is no way I can get my ticket before my departure because Air China doesn't work over the weekend! I highly doubt I will even get my ticket before my departure. I bought two tickets from them, my 3 year old child ticket and myself, and they keep telling me there is nothing they can do. They can just wait to hear back from Air China, so I don't even know what to do at this point!

    I will never ever use CheapOair again. They took my money several months ago and all I requested is to have my ticket!

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