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[Resolved] Cheapoair / dirty dealing, lying and fraud

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Please oh please don't do business with this company! My husband and I are trying to get back from our long holiday in Slovenia and bought tickets from Cheapoair.

They say they have issued the e-tickets (false ones it seems because Czech Air has no record of a reservation being made under my husband's name).

The charges are on his credit card, but the e-ticket numbers are false.

They've been harrassing us for a scan or fax of our passports and credit card for "security and verification purposes" which is usually a red flag, but we are desperate to get back so we tried it. We tried to fax them 6 times--they wouldn't give us their international fax code, and each time we tried to fax them it bounced back.

Now they claim they have our card authorization form but no passport/card scan and are threatening to cancel our trip and say they "bear no responsibility for cancellation charges."

I don't know why, if they say all this hoop jumping is for "our security" against "false charges on our credit card" why in the name of all that's good did they charge our card, give us false e-tickets all before verifying our identity!

They are seriously shady, and should be put out of business.

I wonder if this is all a scam just to collect a few hundred dollars worth of cancellation fees.

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • CheapOair Customer Care's Response, Oct 30, 2007

    Dear Emily,

    I have forward an email to you and awaiting your response. I need more information from you so that I may investigate into what has happened. If I am reading this correctly, you where successful at flying out there, but it is the return trip that you have experienced a problem with? I will await your response so that I may resolve your concerns to your satisfaction.

  • CheapOair Customer Care's Response, Nov 12, 2007

    Dear Emily,

    I have not received an email from you for my assistance, I am assuming that your concern has been resolved. If there is anything else you need assistance with feel free to contact us at: 212-478-0335, or our email address:

    Cheapoair is committed to resolving issues quickly and satisfactorily!

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  • Ni
      12th of Aug, 2008
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    I have at this time the WORST experience with your company. I boutght tickets last week, still have not recieve any e-ticket, besides this, cuntry i was planning to fly is under Russian fire, bombing and anexi. Irports had been bombed. I contacted your agent and axplained the situation and ask him to censel my tickets. He told me that there will be airline charge. I called airline and they told me that my file has a special note form airline saying that because of political situation there will be no airline censalation fee charge. Calling back to your company every single agent was terible, even supervisor and maneger, claiming that there is note in my file, that they can not contact airline to confirme that this refund is charge free. Now one of managers, his name is Deil, i dont know if i spelled it right, promised to call back. I dont understand why you guys need 3-4 hours to contact ANY AIRLINE IN ORDER TO FIND OUT IF THEY CHARCH IN EMERGENCY CASE LIKE THIS FEE OR NOT. OR YOU DO THAT IN PURPUSE TO CHARGE PEOPLE YOUR CENCELATION FEE.

  • Ni
      12th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    how much time you need to answer the complaint? forever like wating for your agent or supervisor on the phone?

  • In
      11th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    9 Jan 09, purchased travel insurance. I did not travel using this ticket because my military leave was changed due to a military mission assignment. After a number of phone calls to Cheapoair (Stella & Henry) trying to get my travel dates changed. I was at one point told by Stella that there was a $250 change fee. When I called to pay the fee, I was, after an hour on the phone, told by Henry that my ticket was unrefundable, unchangeable, even with a fee, and that I should call United Airline. I called United Airline and was told to call Cheapoair.

    I filed a claim with Travel Guard using the information attached to my online ticket. Response to my claim from Travel Guard was I was not covered by them. I have accessed my online itinerary at various points of time since purchasing my ticket, even today, 11 Jun 09, it says Travel Guard.

    I called Cheapoir and a rep informed me that my insurance was CSA and gave me the phone number, to contact CSA for filing instructions because from Jan 09 to present, my itienerary has shown Travel Guard. Why is Travel Guard attached to my itinerary, if my insurance purchased through Cheapoair is CSA? As a result, I never had access to the CSA insurance plan outlining benefits.

    I filed a claim with CSA only to learn this plan has no "military clause" that covers US military personnel who have to cancel or change their ticket due to a military assignment; which was my case. So in trying to save money, I have lost $1208.70 to your company. if I had access to the entire plan, I would have known tis before hand. Instead, I had access to Travel Guard which has a "military clause".

    I have emailed Cheapoair Feeback in past on this issue and was referred to United Airlines. This is an unsatifactory response. I feel a complaint such as mind, in our current environment "a country at war" and the high esteem in which military service is held, will be received by Congressman, Senators and States Attorney Generals and looked into with more than modest curiousity. I am sure, I am not the only person working for the US military that has fallen prey to your Company.

    I want $1208.70 (cost of ticket and travel insurance) refunded to my credit card. If this is not possible, I will submit a letters to each of the 50 States Consumer Affairs Division of the Attorney General's Office, my Congressman and Senator and have my military peers, friends, and family members to submit a request for relief from Cheapoair on my behalf to their Congressional representatives and Senators.

    A response to this email is appreciated.

  • Mu
      5th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have also a very bad experience in this company. It is a week since I reserved the flight but I haven't received my eticket. I tried to contact them with their phone number but I waited for over half an hour three times listening the recorded sound, which tells me to wait. It is very difficult to contact them once you gave all my money. They reply fast in the online chat but they do nothing except saying they will arrange a call back whcih didn't happen two times. Overall my experience with this company is very bad. I recommend not to reserve a ticket with this company - nothing better than a scam!!!

  • Vi
      26th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    I won't burden you with my tragic story but take my heed and do not use Travel Guard, they are rip off artists, they require a library full of documentation to even qualify for a review to see if you are eligible to receive the reimbursement YOU PAID FOR. And I mean you have to have every receipt every conformation number, every doctor, every hospital, every every every. Then they take months to review and won't even talk to you unless it has been 5 weeks, ( I am serious) says so right on their form! Then no matter how much proof you have or how many doctors that verify and even write hand written notes to re-verify they will refuse to pay you. Don't bother wasting your money! And what is really sad their premiums are huge, so you pay top dollars for nothing. However a small portion of our trip I booked on Expedia and their insurance was cheap and they instantly refunded my money, no questions asked. They are cold hearted bigots and if I could figure out a way to put them out of business I would write a million of these.

  • Ch
      9th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes
    CheapOAir - Poor cusomther service

    I called the customer service to make a change on my flight today. The lady on the phone was the most unpleasant and impatient person I have ever talked to on customer service. It's like she was having a bubble gum in her mouth and all her words were muffled up. Her attitude towards the customer was unacceptable and she did not listen to my concern and she didn't answer my questions. She just wanted to finish her job and go home. I had a very unpleasent experiece with this airline and I will not book again. Her name is Enkeleida. I do not understand why would such a large airline company hire a unprofessional and rude person. There should be some training beforehand.

  • Jy
      29th of Jul, 2014
    0 Votes

    Just onetime nightmare was enough to me. So dirty!!!

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