Chase Visaincompetent dispute dept and executive office

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Dispute Dept. MAJORLY messed up a dispute for a significant amount of money charged. They sent nothing but WRONG info to the vendor. Wrong amount of charge, wrong reasons for dispute, etc. etc. Then they told us the vendor wouldn't refund (based on their erroneous statements they sent to vendor that weren't my information at all). I was supposed to be able to respond to Chase and continue the dispute. But then they said I had to wait for them to send a form. Then they purposely mailed the form many many weeks later (proven by the postmark). So it was received on a weekend and I was composing my response (containing a tons of information about them screwing the whole thing up) then they called on Monday to say they were closing the dispute because they did not get my response in time! (there was no time to write it all or mail to them in the 2 business days they allowed)!. I told them about their mistimed late form arrival and they just said it was too bad for me--they didn't care! Also, during one of my many follow-ups calls before they abruptly and wrongly ended the dispute, one of their idiotic Dispute Dept. employees actually told me the vendor issued a full refund to my account.See Top 10 Worst Companies in New York, NYImagine how I felt when they told me months later (that was completely untrue!) They don't even know how the disputes work or how to read their own records.
Worse--I contacted Chase Executive Office (the ONLY place you are able to complain at Chase) and an idiotic woman intials D.C. called me finally and just read back the same ALL WRONG info, wouldn't investigate or simply listen to all the recorded calls proving all Chase's errors, and stated numerous untrue things about the normal dispute process and about my case. She wasn't even slightly apologetic about the incredible repeated incompetence and she ended by affirming lies and her own ignorance and apathy about my case. She herself didn't even know how the dispute process is supposed to work. I wrote another letter and they had the same idiot call me and continue lying and refusing to take responsibility or acknowledge all the wrongs. It didn't used to be this way. This used to be the best VISA for many years. Now I am not going to even use their cards anymore. They place zero value on customer retention. It was outrageous. (They claim hqs are in NY but they make you send to Executive Offices somewhere else like Columbus, OH. Its just a black hole where they diss their customers).

May 08, 2017
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      May 13, 2017

    I had the exact same problem. I don't think there is a disputes department and if there is, it is filled with incompetent staff and managers.

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