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Chase Visa / identity theft

1 IL, United States

In January 2011 I was the victim on an assault and ID theft.

Four hours after the assault began Chase Visa recognized recognize apparent fraudulent activity occurring on my account and froze it; but not until $4200 was stolen. The crooks then went into my pocket and attacked my AmEx in the amount of $4800.

The next morning I was notified of the damages and I advised them that it was all fraudulent. I was advised to wait until the charges cleared on my account to lodge a dispute. They cleared and I lodge a dispute and filed a criminal complaint with the police. Three weeks later, while doing my corporate expense report, I discovered the AmEx fraud and I filed a dispute with them.

In March I was advised by Chase Visa that my dispute was being denied. They stated that the dispute is being denied on the grounds that they have my signatures and that anybody can file a police report. With those statements they accused me of being a felon.

The signatures are forgeries and with their actions they are siding with the certified felon, according to Google, and against a long and honest business relationship.

AmEx, on the other hand, has recognize obvious fraudulent activity and has back charged $4800. They are also prosecuting the criminal merchant.

Why are there such different outcomes? Before Chase Visa starts accusing honest citizens of felonies they should look at their own actions. They are projecting their felonious activities on to individuals that don't have the financial resources to defend their reputations.

My positions has been and will always be that I will not pay for fraudulent charges on my visa card.

I retained an attorney that will assist me in any actions that Chase Visa initiates against me. My attorney states that with a $10, 000 retainer he will sue them for violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act. He also advised me that they have very deep pockets and that it difficult to prevail in such a dispute and that I would be liable for their court cost.


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