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Chase Mortgage / customer service

1 Phoenix, AZ, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 800-848-9136

Unfortunately, my mortgage was sole to Chase Bank!
They have the worst customer service I have ever dealt with as a consumer. Calling the 800 number listed is a joke, when you dial "0" to reach a human (although not an option) you're told its not possible at this time. After multipule attempts to speak with someone, when they do answer you're told how incapable the bank is from a technology standpoint. I set up the account on autopay with a real bank on a payment schedule every 2 weeks. The first payment was a month prior to the due date with the second payment on the first. I received a letter shortly after the due date that the account was late...

Once finally reaching someone I was told they do not support this type of payment program. How in this day and age can an automated system not accept or recognize this payment program. I was then told to deposit the funds into my chase checking account which I had no idea I had.. to make the payments. When I inquired about the account the transfer/hold game began. After multipule transfers, I was told I have an account with $7k, but they cannot provide me any info over the phone and to enter a bank branch for security purposes! Mind you I just finished a security review for my mortgage! When entering the branch, they have not record or any idea what their customer service is talking about or referencing. So I call customer service again, repeat the same frustrating process for the same result. So on the phone I have an account in person I don't and they will not talk to ea h other to resolve the issue... Mind you, I still have to call every month to have the apply my payments to my account because their system will not recognize the payment schedule and I should do what is convienant for the bank!

How can you prevent a bank purchasing your mortgage to service, you can't! You're subject to the I capabilities of a bank like Chase with out options. I was told even if I refi, the possibility is likely I could end up with Chase again! You do not have choices!

Jul 26, 2015

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