Chase Mortgage Bankmisappropriation of funds

Is anyone interested in filing a class action suit against Chase Mortgage? Here is what happened to us. In 2009, Chase Mortgage misapplied one of our payments. Every two weeks Avalon Corporation debits our account for our mortgage payment. Since the beginning of our loan, our account has been debited every two weeks. Avalon also has proof were they have sent our payment electronically to Chase on time. In April 2009, we received a statement that showed a $33.00 late fee. I immediately called Avalon first because they are the ones that send our money to Chase. They faxed me their records and it indicates it was sent and received by Chase. So, then the battle begun with Chase. Talking to Chase was like jumping through hoops. I talked with one person, then another, and so on. Nothing ever got fixed.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Oak Hill, VA They said we were short one payment; however, we have proof from Avalon that they received it. Chase also said that they didn't know what that amount was for so they put it in a suspense account, which is false because Avalon's transmission sheets indicate what each amount is. It will state payment and if it is extra to be applied to principal, it states that as well. Chase exhausted the money they put in a suspense account in late fees. They never called or sent out a letter even asking about the amount. Due to their negligence, we have had an accountant look over our records. Based upon their misapplied funds, our current balance is off around 20, 000. Our balance is 63, 000 but should be 42, 000 due to the bi-weekly payment plan. Our attorney had a pre-trial hearing this past week. Of course, Chase is denying claim and questioning the accountants records. If anyone has had anything similar happen to them and would like to be part of a suit, please let us know.

Dec 14, 2014

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