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Chase Manhattan Bank / ruining my credit

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In July 2005 Chase claimed I was 30days late on my payment increasing my interest rate to 27%, my bank payment history showed I made a payment for the month of July also in April 2006 I made a payment of two thousand at the time I had a balance of over four thousand, on my May 2006 statement the balance was over 3 thousand dollars more than one hundred of fees was added. Chase stated on my Credit Report I'm 90day late. Which is ruining my credit. I closed that account over 2yrs, no matter how much money I pay, my balance never goes under three thousand dollars, I sent letters to Chase asking why I’m paying some much fee why my interest rate have skyrocketed to 27% without any explanation all I get is numerous amount of phone calls at work and home without any help. Now when they call...they don't hang-up the phone, when I check my messages all I here is that beeping noise the sound...the phones makes when it's left off the hook, happens everyday now!

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  • Va
      1st of Dec, 2006
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    Long story short.... Chase put me on a repayment program where they were going too drop my interest rate, and get rid of all my over limit fees.

    But just as soon as they put me on it, they took me off. I keep getting different answers from Chase on why this happened, and they would not put me back on the program after that because I had already on a program and they could only do it once in 5 years. Some Chase people tell me I was actually never on the program, while others do not knows for sure why I was taken off the program. It has been a headache trying too figure it all out, because Customer Service, Collections, and the department that actually sets up the program can not see each others notes. Making it hard for anyone to help solve my problem. Cause everyone sees different things going on with my account.

    Chase is not willing to fix their errors when they make a mistake, and I know this from having my mortgage company with them as well, and so this is why I am warning you to stay far away from them. Do not get your mortgage threw them, and do not get a credit card with them.

  • Va
      1st of Dec, 2006
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    My mortgage was sold to Chase Mortgage. Everything was fine until I experienced a loss due to a water leak. Chase Loss Draft department was very rude and did not treat me as a valued customer.

    My insurance company issued checks that were in my name and Chase Mortgage. Chase is holding the checks until all the work is complete. Contractors do not work for free and will not complete the work without being paid. I paid some of the contractors out of my money and they will not reimburse me until the work is complete. I have made several calls about getting drafts but all I get is attitude.
    I have a larger interest in my property because they their portion is less than a third of the property value. I give up on these idiot and will convert my loan to another company this week. This is the first and last business I will do with a company who does not care about their customers. Mortgage seekers beware and check the complaints on the internet before dealing with this company.
    I feel great since I have started the process of Firing Chase Mortgage.

  • We
      9th of Dec, 2006
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    I also had a fire 2 years ago. My house is still not fixed because I just do not have enough money yet to get it fixed yet. Yet Chase is holding my money until I get my house fixed. Chase has given me other problems as well. They are the worst banking institution ever!

  • Lu
      13th of Dec, 2006
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    Their applications department made an error, and created two accounts in my name a month apart. The later card created transferred an amount to another credit card I have that was transferred the first time around, and they want me to get the money back for them.

    An amount of almost five thousand dollars. The first transfer paid the account in full, and of course the other credit card only sees one transfer made, not two, so they are not willing to give me money back for something that according to them didn't happen. I have to keep calling them back everyday to see if the transfer made it to them, and then hopefully they will send it back to me, so that I can send it back to Chase. My opinion is that they had no problem sending the money to the other credit card twice, and they are a huge organization that acts like they cannot communicate with a competitor, even when they make a mistake. This is how they treat new customers. A little peon like me, needs to fix an error of a huge global financial institution like JPMorganChase. I am looking for another card to replace them as fast as I can.

  • Va
      16th of Jan, 2007
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    I have had a Chase Manhattan Credit Card for a few years now. I provided them with my phone number in case they needed to contact me in an emergency.

    What a mistake that turned out to be!

    In June 2006, one of their 'representatives' called me on the phone and said there were unauthorized charges on my account. Of course I was shocked as I keep the card put away so no one can find it and I rarely use the card.

    He refused to give me any further information such as how my card was being, where it was being used, who was using it, and how much they had spent on my account.

    Instead, he went into a spiel about how they offer 'Fraud Protection' for something like $29.99 a month. Well I am not that stupid to pay that much every month for fraud protection as I am only liable for the first $50.00 of any stolen credit card.

    I was anxious for him to get the hell off the phone so I could go online and check my account and see how much money had been stolen and what the proper procedure was for cancelling the card and get a new one.

    But I did NOT authorize the fraud protection program with the man on the phone. I said no thank you and hung up.

    I went online and checked my account and nothing was on it!! No charges whatsoever!! What was this idiot talking about???

    So I just put it out of my head until next month when they charged me $29.99 for the fraud protection service!! The same service I said no to!! They had committed fraud through unauthorized use of my credit card!

    I wrote an email to them and said I did not want the service. Their response was: you have to call and cancel the service with the company who handles the program.

    I got pissed and wrote a nasty letter and sent it through snail mail screaming the word 'Fraud' and that they would be hearing from my attorney if I they did not take the charges off.

    Well at that they wrote back and had cancelled the account and credited my $29.99 back to my card.

    The word 'fraud' set them off I guess.

    I also changed the phone number that they have on file. If they are going to harass and terrorize me at home then they have no need for my telephone number.

    If it wouldn't affect my credit score then I would cancel the account and open one with a better bank. Scare people into buying something they don't need. That has to be illegal.

  • Hu
      14th of Feb, 2008
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    I had a similar problem with Chase Mortgage. I couldn't agree more. I lost my house to foreclosure in 2003 after our home was flooded with sewage from the city line deeming in uninhabitable. I asked Chase for help to stop or reduce the mortgage payments until I received money from insurance. They refused to do so. My insurance only provided so much and met their max. I then had to pay for a new place to live. Chase literallytold me that they could do nothing about disasters and could do nothing to stop or temporarily reduce payments until a disaster such as mine was on itsway to resolution. I ended up handing the keys in voluntarily because there was no way for me to pay for 2 house payments. They have ruined my credit. I am still feeling the effects 5 years later. I have been through lawyers, the state/city governments and nothing was ever done. I ended up losing nearly $50,000 and have to endure the heartache of denied credit opportunities due to poor credit because of and inconsiderate and ignorant company that does not deserve the business of any American. I will never ever ever do business with this company or anything affiliated with Chase. I am bitter and feel they are responsible for the hardships I have endured over the 100% past few years. It is absolutely sickening!!! I saw your posted comments and it made my stomach sick.

  • Da
      14th of Dec, 2010
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    I filed bankruptcy on my Chase Credit card. I have a Chase second mortgage and Chase refuses to take my payment on my mortgage. This is to punish me for the bankruptcy on their credit card. They are trying to force me into foreclosure. I have never been late on my mortgage until now because they refused to take my payment or give me a statement on what is due. They applied my last payment to principle and said that the payment is late and over 30 days over due. They refuse to talk to me or let me make a payment or tell me how much to pay. I don't know where to go to get help with this issue as I don't want to lose my house.

  • Am
      18th of Aug, 2012
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    OMG they are doing the exact same thing to my daughter with her student loan, they apply the payment only to principal then say she is late. I can't get a mortgage because they keep saying I owe them money, and report me late every month, but I have not had an account with them for 2 years!! why can't anything get done with this horrible company?

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