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Chase Home Finance / fraud

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We have been dealing with Chase Home Finance in President Obama's (Making Home Affordable) program since Sept., 2009. After a year of lost papers, faxing, mailing and refaxing information we are approved for a loan modification - but after our property was sent to an attorney for foreclosure. We would not be in foreclosure but Chase refused to take any payments from us AT ALL during the loan mod process.We were served with a summons and answered it and while waiting to hear about the result, that's when we got the Fed EX package telling us that we were approved for a 3 month trial. 3 days after we receive our approval, we received a letter by snail mail that we were denied!!! I called Chase and they said that the second letter was a mistake. I called their attorney's and they said that the sale date for our property was moved back until February but would do nothing about stopping it without Chase telling them to do so. I have called Chase on numerous occations to ask why they haven't stopped the foreclosure, but can't talk to anyone that knows anything.

I called Chase to make a payment (3 wks before the payment was due) by phone as the approval states that we can, only to find out that we can only make payments by Western Union, cashier's check or money order. Another misrepresentation by Chase. When I asked why, they said that they didn't know. I asked who would know and they didn't know who would know (The Marks Brothers "Who's on first").

So following the orders of Chase, I went and got a Cashier's Check, made a copy and sent it in with the coupon provided by priority mail with confirmation that Chase received it.

We received a letter from the attorney's handling the foreclosure saying that there were alternatives to foreclosure, including an MHA, and we should send them a financial statement. We sent another answer to them stating that, yet again, we were already approved for a MHA. We included a copy of the approval packet, a copy of the cashier's check and stating that Chase had all of our current financial statements and they should consult with their client to get all of our current information.

Whenever we have tried to contact our "relationship manager" we are unable to do so. After going through the dog and pony show including the loan number, name on account, my name, my relationship to borrower, property address, our address, whether we reside at the property (duhh, the 2 are the same), phone number, alternative phone number, what I had for breakfast (no, just kidding), whether we plan on keeping the property, and then "how can we help you today"? When I ask to speak to my relationahip manager, they say that she is unavailible but that they can help me. Problem is, everytime you call, you speak to someone else and get a different answer.

I have found out that everytime another paper is faxed or mailed, it goes into a different file, and depending on who answers the phone, as to whether or not they CHOOSE to go through all of the files on record to try to answer your question. Some just take the most recent and when you question them get very defensive and refuse to go any further. You may get put on hold for as long as 7 or 8 minutes, or even disconected.

We are still waiting for an answer from the court on the summons.

I know that there are many people in the same boat (or worse) that are trying to deal with Chase. Is there a class action suit that we can get involved with?

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  • Wo
      23rd of Nov, 2010
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    Chase does NOT work with their home owners. We have rental property financed through Chase that was trashed from tenants and have fell behind on payments trying to rehab this property. They sent Safe Guard out to inspect the property and they labeled it as vacant/abandoned and we had 8 days to call, we found this note on a Sunday called that Monday. They said they were sent out by Chase and to call them. We called Chase and tried to make a payment over the phone and they said no that we were "almost" three months behind we needed to make at least two payments. We set up to have two payments automatically withdrawn on the 30th of November. However, yesterday we come to find out that Safe Guard changed the locks on the rental house, winterized and took some of the tools that were in it. We called yesterday and of course again they were sent by Chase, so we call Chase. Chase said we were behind, yes but we have arrangements we have been in communications. We asked about the brand new door handles that were cut off of the brand new doors that were just installed and is all they could say is "oh well" we have that right. I guess they also have the right to "steal" from your property. We made the comment of we thought you had to be at least 3 months before action was take, they said they can do whatever they want after 30 days. How are we suppose to fix this house and get it on the market to be rented when they have locked us out and taken tools. They said they sent a letter that said to respond within 8 days and we did, well we didn't contact the right department. This is just horrible, they advertise all this stuff about working with people, they are NOT working with anyone. I have found numerous complaints about Chase on the internet.

  • Bo
      22nd of Dec, 2010
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    Hi, Dony. I have been dealing with Chase--such an appropriate name for this company which appears to train its employees to make customers running around in never-ending circles just like a dog chasing its tail. For help resolving your issue, I urge you to do the following right away--immediately: 1.) contact your state Attorney General's office and ask for the name of person who is working on the 50-state bank investigation into foreclosure fraud and write and "offical" complaint about your situation; 2.) send a copy of this complaint to the state Iowa Attorney General's office--the state's AG, Tom Miller, is heading up this nation-wide, 50-state investation, so let this office know you've contacted your AG so your AG's office will get off its butt--if it hasn't alread--and do something to help its residence; 3.) contact the HAMP Solution Center (Dallas, Texas--Toll Free Phone: 866-939-4469 Option# 2 ) and ask for an agent to help you escalate this matter and help you resolve your issues with Chase; 3.) File an "official" compaint with the OCC, which regulates Chase and follow up on this; 4.)contact the Washington DC office of Congresswoman Maxine Watters--not one of my favorite congresspeople--but do contact her office, which has a staff person working on the "Subcommittee on Housing and Community Opportunity" and this person will try to help you (Telephone) : (202) 225-2201.

    On C-Span (October 27, 201) I watched Maxine Watters grill federal respresentatives responsible for regulating the banks (OCC), Freddie and Fannie (FHFA), Home Affordable Program (Dept. of Treasury) and others on their lack of oversight and she charged them to actually "do something" about the abuse millions of homeowners have and continue to experience with banks as they try to get loan modifications and deal with the prospect of foreclosues; 4.) copy your congressional represenatives and your senators. If you do these things, Chase will become motivated to "do the right thing." Remember to document everything--even phone calles. Good luck.

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