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Chase Home Finance / chase keeps insisting that I owe them this money, and I do not

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The Business is Chase Manhattan, The Chase Home Finance Department that holds the Mortgage to my Home, It all began when my one of the agents with my insurance Provider accidently cancelled my insurnace by one digit , It was suppose to be another persons account they were cancelling, but instead it was mine, well Chase Home Finance sent me a letter stating that I had NO insurance coverage on my home, so I then called my insurance provider and after about 2 weeks everything was taken care of, but where the problem lies is with Chase Home Finance, they have now been sending my letters stating that I owe them BACK ESCROW, to make up for my insurance that was accidently cancelled, My insurance provider has already re-issued a check to them 2 months ago and they still insist that I owe them this back escrow for house insurance, they expect me to pay $1,188.50 up front or add and extra $70 a month to make up for it, My wife and I have called Chase Home Finance repeatedly to explain to them the situation , but Chase Home Finance's outstanding telephone technicians, as I call them, Can't seem to understand that the problem has been resolved with my insurance problem, Chase keeps insisting that I owe them this money, and I DO NOT. I have always paid my house note 1 month ahead of time and have always paid the correct amount. I believe the problem is with Chase Home Finance having each department in different states, all is done with computers, you call one department in this state and then get transferred to another department in another state and still can't get anyone of the phone that knows what they are talking about. Being my wife works for a large Law Firm my nest step will possibly be taking Legal Action after I try once more to get CHASE HOME FINANCE to understand THEIR problem with my escrow, Can you Sue for Stress and Mental anguish caused by a large company such as Chase Home Finance?

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  • Mo
      19th of Feb, 2010
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    Chase Mortgage was trying to sell me on a procedure (Name Change) that would cost me $100. There are other options a home owner can select other than this procedure, but Chase wants more of your money. This is definity improper tactics they sorry operation choices to practice.

  • Je
      20th of Feb, 2010
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    In November of 2010 we had to put a new transmission in our vehicle so I called Chase to ask if there was anything we could do to work out payment (I offered to pay 1/2 by the due date and the 2nd half in December). I was told that sending half would still show as 'unpaid' and be considered late. So in December I sent payment and of course that was applied for November and I got another late fee tacked on. So I called again to see if I could work out a repayment plan for the late payment. After 40 minutes and a 'wild goose chase' of transfers & dropped calls, I was able to work out a repayment plan for the one month's payment. In January I sent the agreed upon payment & by the second week of February I got a default payment stating we were behind two payments (they applied January to December & put the extra $300 in 'suspense funds' and later applied to the principal - according to my online account info). They were adding February in the 2 month's late - which it was only 2/8 and we have until 2/16 before it's "late", technically. Anywho, we decided to pay what the default letter said we owed (two months payment) and included an extra $75 to cover (ANOTHER) late fee & send this via EXPRESS Mail to the overnight address (In Ohio) on 2/12.
    I have confirmation from the USPS that the mailing was delivered on 2/16 at about 10:23AM and have a signed copy of the receipt. Chase still claims they haven't received payment & as of today, 2/19, the cashier's check has not been cashed. I'm not sure how long it takes Chase to process a payment but it seems as though regular payments I've mailed in in the past were processed much quicker than this!! Why have an 'overnight' address if you don't process those payments sooner????
    Furthermore, Chase called me on 2/17 and 2/18 to inquire about payment even though I called them FIRST on both days to determine the status of my payment!!! Each time they apologized for calling me, noting that they 'see that here on your informatin' but they still proceeded to ask me all those personal questions ("are you still living in the home?, " "do you intend to keep the home?" and a bunch of financial questions that I don't get the point of...).
    I decided today I'd wait until 2/22 or 2/23 before I really panic - I'm faxing a copy of the USPS delivery receipt so they can see that my package was indeed sent to them though!! They are the WORST company to deal with - & what really irks me is that they weren't my choice. I had a loan with First Horizon but our loan got sold... ;-( We have no say in the matter and we're stuck with these predators!!!

  • Ja
      17th of Oct, 2010
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    We need to align ourselves against these ILLEGAL PRACTICES.
    You need to contact the CONTROLLER OF THE CURRENCY, ADMINISTRATOR OF NATIONAL BANKS, US Department of Treasury

  • Jo
      19th of Jul, 2011
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    Chase Bank and their employees have no intention to help struggling homeowners. I bought at house in 07, put a large sum of money down and pre paid the mortgage for 3 months. Long story short, ended up falling 3 months behind on payments due to job loss. Called chase and tried every single option possible to get help from them. Eventually tried to get a loan modification. Sent in the modification paperwork 3 times, and every time it got lost. Finally, one employee over the phone told me to just stop paying the mortgage and save that money for my next home because they were not going to approve the modification. After another month of going back and fourth with these crooks, a short sale was approved, and closed. Chase agreed to take the loss and report the sale as paid as agreed. To my suprise I found out the same week the purchase agreement was signed chase put the home in foreclosure, never sending any paperwork, there was no sheriff sale, no anything. They also never applied ANY of the payments that were made on the loan on my credit either. I have tried to dispute this and have called chase many times and they refuse to change this FALSE info on my credit. They also never returned the trial modification payments that were made which in my state is required by law. I have talked to my attorney general and talked to a laywer and I am going to pursue this in court.

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