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Chase Credit Cards / unwarranted shutdowns

1 CA, United States

My Chase credit card was shut down, unexpectedly and for unwarranted reasons, for the third time. This practice is unacceptable.
Among other hardships (the need to reschedule all recurring payments, payments of late fees, finding and using alternate funding while abroad, loss of rewards) it created the following nightmarish scenarios: (1) being stranded with inability to buy gasoline in the middle of a long car trip, (2) revocation of domestic car insurance while abroad, (3) inability to handle emergency medical payments while abroad, (4) inability to make purchases and pay bills while abroad. Similar experiences are reported by other Chase credit card customers on these web pages.
The unwarranted reasons stated for shutting down the card turned out to be: (1) a legitimate online purchase done by my wife, (2) an unauthorized charge from German company via PayPal, and (3) an unauthorized charge of 1 cent by a company in England. The first two did not invoke change of the credit card number, the third one did. The Chase action regarding the third incident is especially unwarranted, since all indications are that the charge was made by “robocalling.” There was no record of the expiration date or the card security code for this transaction.
I request Chase decision makers to implement effective security procedures that work! This is imminently possible. For starters, I am requesting a back-up credit card that will get automatically activated when the primary card will be – for whatever reason – shut down. I also request that the security procedures will be revised and implemented in such a way that unwarranted shutdowns and changes of card numbers will not occur.
Please help me. Write to Mr. Gordon A. Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Chase Credit Card Services, P.O.Box 15295, Wilmington, DE [protected]. Let him know, in no uncertain terms, that there is no substitute for true quality. The practice of shutting down credit cards and changing their numbers for unwarranted reasons leads to immense hardships, losses, and liabilities to us, the customers. As such, it is unacceptable. Additionally, there are better ways to implement security. The Chase Credit Card Services should be using them.

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