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Chase Credit Card / finance charges

1 Rochester, NY, United States Review updated:

Today I received a statement in the mail detailing what I owed, what was due, etc. I was very surprised and annoyed to learn that a $39.00 late fee and almost $17.00 in finance charges were included. I was surprised because I paid the last bill I received (as I do all of my bills - always on time and in full, without exception).

I immediately phoned the customer service department and was told they were not going to do anything about it. I escalated the call to a supervisor who echoed that position. I was told the following: "The statements we send are a courtesy; it is your responsibility to know how much you owe and when" and "We are not the post office; we can't control whether you receive your statement or not"

I asked if the position they were taking is really more important to them than over 20 years of having me as a customer. Her response? "We understand that occasionally a customer will feel the need to end a relationship upon hearing news of this sort" (or something like that). I was stunned.

I plan to visit my local branch tomorrow and see if sense prevails in person. If not, I plan to cancel my credit cards, close my three accounts, encourage my family to do the same, and at every opportunity, share my horrendous experience with anybody I can. JPMC may get $55.00 from me, but if I can help it, they will lose much, much more than that in future business.

I might even understand this stubborn position if they had actually lost something tangible, like a piece of merchandise or something, but to not budge on an arbitrarily determined 'late fee' and some finance charge seems ludicrous. I have fantastic bill-paying history with not only Chase, but everybody; you would think that such things would be considered before taking the stand they did.

Too bad, Chase; it was a nice run while it lasted. Now I will find a new credit card provider and a new bank. And I will encourage everybody I know to do the same.

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  • Be
      20th of Jan, 2009
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    O my God! I think that Chase company is extremely unethical. It feels like the company is committing a fraud. Same thing happened to me. I've been using the same credit card for about 10 years. I've always made my payments on time and in full. I send my payment one day after I received my statement. To my surprise on my next statement I saw late payment fees and finance charges. I called Chase customer service immediately and the representative told me that probably the mail-man didn't deliver my payment on time because of the busy holiday season but I still have to pay late fees. In addition he didn't want to tell me his last name. He said it was the company's policy. He suggested himself that I should talk to his supervisor. The supervisor introduced himself but he couldn't help me either. I did ask him, how can I make sure that my next payment will be processed in time. He said that I should use the phone service or pay my bills online and if I will continue to pay my bills by mail he can't gurantee anything. In addition he said that I can cancel my credit card but I still have to pay the fees. When I asked to speak to his supervisor he said that he will not take my call because he doesn't deal with issues like that and he is the only person that I can talk to. I had a feeling that I wasn't the only one. I wonder how many honest people were wrongfully charged? What is going on? Why would they encourage people who have no problems paying to cancel their credit cards? Do they need to make quick money by using cheap tricks? I filed a complaint with better business bureau and I will write to Chase complaint department. I urge everybody to take action. Hopefully it will change things for better.

  • Su
      1st of Mar, 2009
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    I have been a Chase cardholder for at least a decade, and have never missed a payment, and paid each statement in full each month. decided to go To "paperless billing" in December, and set it up on the Chase web site.

    I noted on my calendar when to expect the email announcing billing, but it never came. I checked my spam filter too. By the time I checked the web site, it was several days past the usual due date. (That was my mistake - I should have checked the day of the usual billing.)

    I was told they didn't know why the email didn't arrive. They had me sign up for a telephone notice, and double-checked my email. They also took back the $39 late fee.

    The next month, the email arrived on the expected date, and there was an $18.50 finance charge. I called the company and asked to have that waived, and was told that they can waive the late fee or the finance charge, but not both. When I said that I was disputing the finance charge, because the previous late payment was their error, I was told they are not responsible for email problems, and repeated the story told in the original poster's story, that they are not responsible for the postal service either. They also noted that the $18.50 fee had already been paid, because it was included in the total from the month before. (Funny, I didn't see that in the previous statement.)

    I canceled the card, and the supervisor taking my call wasn't the least bothered. . The letter acknowledging the cancellation included a note that there might be additional fees.

    Well, this month, they attached a $3.09 finance charge, due to the late payment I disputed back in January and partially won, with the reversal of the late fee.

    I'm starting to wonder if Chase is scamming customers with late paperless statements, so they can start to accrue fees.


  • Fl
      21st of Mar, 2009
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    I had a run in with Chase several years ago. They bought out one of my credit cards and raised the rate for no justifiable reason. I closed the account and swore I would never use Chase again. Round number two, they bought out my bank WAMU, and took over yet another credit card of mine. When we found out we closed all of our checking accounts and hoped that the credit card terms would be honored. HA, I guess I forgot who I was talking about it. Sure enough I am in a dispute with them and will close this account as well. It was a good card with good terms through WAMU. What a shame. You google Chase and you get pages and pages of complaints but apparently they are so uncaring about the customer that we ALL must stand up and encourage congress to take actions against these companies that prey on consumers like this. I am writing congress today to let them know about these sly practices of Chase. PLEASE DO YOURSELVES A FAVOR DO NOT USE CHASE!!!

  • Fe
      13th of Apr, 2009
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    The same thing happened to me ... I did not receive my statement so I missed the payment and got hit with the late fee and finance charges. I spoke to both a rep and the supervisor and got the same answer ... that even though I did not sign up for electronic statements (which I never did), they will not reverse the charges.
    I spoke with a friend who also has chase cards and asked about the electronic statement issue ... I was told that her experience has been that Chase's website is setup to automatically click the electronic statement toggle sometimes depending on what you do on the website. That's great if you notice it right away and untoggle it.

    What a scam!! I guess Chase needs to make up for the losses from WAMU by using unethical means to generate revenue.

  • Rn
      11th of Dec, 2009
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    I had the same encounter. Good customer of Chase slapped with late fees and finance charges for missing some part of the payment by a day. I am in the process of closing all my Chase accounts and credit cards. I have some stock of JPMorgan that I am planning to get rid of.

  • Np
      22nd of Feb, 2010
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    I had the EXACT same encounter with Chase. I suspect this may be the case especially with customers like us who pay our balance in full, etc.
    In my case we didn't recieve EITHER Chase paperless statement availability notice for both of our credit cards and then they refused any leniancy even given our good standings with both cards our mortgage, etc. They just look for a reason to get their little bit of money out of you then drop you cuz you are costing them too much money in the long run. Unbeliveable.

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