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Chase Credit Card / bad customer service

1 P.O Box 15298Palatine, IL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 1-800-945-2000

I have had an account with Chase for quite awhile now but I had a family emergency and when I needed help in terms of payments, I went to debt consolidation. It worked great for me until another big family emergency hit than I had to go off the debt consolidation as well. I decided to work with my credit cards instead of dealing with debt consol. All the banks were great except Chase, when I called them doing whatever possible to work with them, they pretty much told tough luck they already gave me a chance. I told them I willing to work with them but would not lower the APR which was already 30 percent and they would not lower the payments. Citicard was great, one phone call and they lowered the payment to 138 and O percent interest and they were on Debt consol. as well. I was so mad at Chase for not working with me and of course they called all the time everyday until it went to collections. Going to collections was actually a relief from Chase. Paying all my other debts were more important than Chase will ever be. I told THEM as well as everyone else, DO NOT OPEN A CHASE ACCOUNT EVER, just in case times get tough.

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  • Ts
      18th of Sep, 2015
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    Worst customer service experience ever. Called 1-800-945-2000 for Blance transfer. CS rep. Jermy from Flolida department yelled at me during conversation. Very rude and inappropriate way to treat customer.

  • Cr
      8th of Mar, 2009
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    JPMC is by far the worst ever. I had been a customer of Chase for over 8 years. I lost my job, and had been denied for unemployment benefits. I did have some money in savings, but had to stretch every dime. With the job market, its uncertain when I will be able to find another job. I don't believe in bankruptcy and have never been late on a bill in my 27 years of life. But here I am faced with the fear of buying groceries to feed my kids or paying Chase's ridiculous minimum payment. Since I was not yet delinquent on any of my accounts, my pre-bankruptcy councel encouraged me to call my creditors and see if I could buy some relief time. Discover didn't bat an eyelash and presented me 4 different options to lower my monthly payments and cut my interest in half to avoid negative amoritization. My mortgage holder rewrote my mortgage. My auto lender (Wells Fargo) offered me a 60 day stay on my car payments. I was thrilled. Until I called Chase. Chase LAUGHED at me. The representative stated, "Ma'm, you don't have an income...what do you want us to do?!" She stated if I was bringing in unemployment they could modify the terms of my loan, but her job was simply to inform me of my penalties if I didn't make my full payment in 4 days. I spoke to a manager as well who stated that Chase did not care if my balance was discharged in Bankruptcy. They were right. I got a letter a week later, stating my interest had been increased to 29.99%, I was being charged a $39.00 late fee, and to make matters worse, they had chosen to lower my limit, so I was also being charged a $400 over limit fee. Chase single handedly forced me into bankruptcy. I hope they go under. I have written my congressman with my story, and advised that I do not want to see ANY of my tax dollars going to support a bail out for JPMC.

  • Ke
      8th of Nov, 2008
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    I can relate to the attitude of Chase in their dealings with people. I too had a run-in with them over a mesley $ 15 late fee. I was at fault but it was an honest oversight. I had resurrected my Chase Card after several years of non use. My mistake was failing to check the date the payment was due. I had gotten into a habit of paying bills the 10th and the 25th each month. When Chase's bill came in I laid it up in the stack to be paid the 25th not realizing it was due the 10th. As a result I was late.
    I asked them to defer the assessment and explained the situation.
    They acted as if they could care less. I ended up paying them but I immediately cut up and returned the card. I average almost ten thousand dollars in charges to my credit cards annually but you can bet I'll never use Chase again. My credit score I might add is right at 750 so they know I am not a deadbeat.
    If they can't treat people as real folk and be human about things they can rot as far as I am concerned. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face and I see Chase every time
    Ken B

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