Chase / complaining for chase bank

I made two two payments of $25 on 11-15-16 the next day both payments was already posted to my banking history but chase had to take back a reversal that they gave me on 11-16-16 and i had some funs left in my account for gas so long story short after Chase Bank took the reversal i was overdraft $11 and some ç. And right the way after i received my account was overdrawn I called customer service and they explained everything about the reversal is the reason why I'm overdrawn and it not a regular charge that i don't need to worry about any other fees but on the 11-17-16 i received an alert said I was overdrawn by capital one which was already posted on the 11-15-16 and i had fun left in the account reversal was supposed to be the last transaction in my banking history with chase but it bbecame the the first or second before the two payments of $25 so i become getting charged fees of $45 and some ç. And regret every second i had an account with chase and i keep getting fraud. If I didn't got fraud i wouldn't have to go through this situation this morning. It's really sad be careful people choose your bank wisely thank you

Nov 17, 2016

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