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Today, I got phone calls from Chase about me not paying my payments on time. I realized I couldn't pay them because I don't have a job and plus I don't use my card that much. They want their money back, but how I'm going to pay them? They are harassing me about this and I'm tired of it. I can't even pay my cap & gown because of it. I'm graduating from college and they are harassing me about not paying them. I want my cap & gown! I WANT IT NOW!!! You took my money away Chase! I want my cap & gown! I hate you money hungry [email protected]#$%!!!

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  • Ji
      27th of Apr, 2010

    Well, I'm not a lawyer, but there are laws regarding how debt collectors can collect debts. They are NOT permitted to harass you! I have had the SAME problem with Chase Bank regarding my mother's account after she suffered a stroke, and I received "Power of Attorney". This is what I've done...One, you have to write Chase a letter to "Cease and Desist" the phone calls (Although, Chase believes it's "Above the law", but it's one of the steps in the process). If the phone calls continue, which they will knowing Chase, you can file a complaint with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). This can be done online ( I just finished filing a complaint with the FTC this morning regarding Chase Bank. I also plan on filing a complaint with our states Attorney General, as harassment is also a violation of our state laws. You might want to check your state laws regarding debt collectors, and do the same thing. I haven't got any further than that at this time, however, I am considering going to the news media with this problem. We have a news channel here that fights for consumer rights. They just had Chase on the other day, however, it was in regards to a different problem. Well, that's what I've done, to date. Good Luck! Your going to need it with Chase. Outside of the IRS, they are the most "Ruthless" and "Uncompassionate" bunch of people I've ever dealt with! Ignorant also, as they don't even seem to understand the English language!

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  • Kh
      27th of Apr, 2010

    an orginal lender doesnt NOT, a nd I repeat NOT have to take a cease and desist letter. Only 3 parties have to take that. They also do NOT have to take any less of a payment then was in the orginal agreement. They will sue you and garnish your bank account...along with destroying your credit. Please get some legal advise before a) you bank account has lein against it and frozen or b) have a lein against your house. Also you credit is being ripped to shreds right now. Please seek legal advise asap

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  • Ji
      27th of Apr, 2010

    I wrote the "cease and desist" letter, as, I was informed by Chase that's what I needed to do to stop the phone calls...Therefore, they must be subject to the law, or why else would they have asked for the letter?

    Below is a copy of the State of California, Fair Debt Collection Practices Statues, Article 2.9:

    Harassment or Abuse

    It is a violation to harass or abuse a debtor or any person in order to cause payment of a debt. For example, a debtor may not vex, trouble or annoy the debtor or anyone continually or chronically, as by repeated telephone calls, in order to induce payment. The following specific rules apply:
    1. Harassment or abuse by telephone. A collector may not make the following uses of the telephone to collect a consumer debt: (a) to cause the debtor's or anyone's telephone to ring, or to engage the debtor or any person in telephone conversation, repeatedly or continuously for the purpose of annoying the person called;134 (b) to call the debtor or anyone with a frequency that is unreasonable and that constitutes harassment;135 (c) to cause the debtor or anyone expenses for long-distance telephone charges, telegram fees, or charges for other similar communications, by concealing or misrepresenting the purpose of the call;136 or (d) to call the debtor or anyone without disclosing the caller's identity.137

    2. Other forms of harassment. A collector may not engage in any conduct in connection with the collection of a debt whose natural effect is to harass, oppress, or abuse the debtor or any other person.138 ("Natural"; means how an ordinary person would ordinarily feel; the term "harass"; has no statutory definition, but probably includes rude, nasty or other un-civil or unreasonable behavior.) Conduct that is similar in purpose and effect to the conduct described at paragraph 1, but is accomplished by some means other than a telephone (for example, publication on the Internet or by e-mail), is probably unlawful.139

    Action: If the debtor or someone in the debtor's household receives and is harassed by repeated telephone calls or by any other repeated acts by a collector or any of its employees, the debtor should make a written note of the facts, and then send the collector a letter notifying it of the misconduct. If the misconduct has serious consequences or is repeated, the debtor may register a complaint with the FTC.

    I see nothing in article 2.9 that distinguishes or lists what debt collectors have/have not to abide by this law, and was not able to find one anywhere else on their website. My mother is 82 and sole income is Social Security. I doubt, after suffering a stroke, that she much cares about her credit score, and I'm not a user on the account. She also owns no "real" property to put a lien on. Also, the credit card insurance IS making the payments on her account. Chase is calling in regard to the amount that is behind because of the time it took me to get power of attorney and access to her checking account. About two months. Anyway, my complaint was regarding the harassment, not the debt. As I stated above, the situation has been explained to them many times, and furthermore, I've even provided a copy of her doctor's report to them, at their request. So they know she's not trying to pull a "Fast One" on them, and they are aware she's never going to be "normal" again. My point here is...Since they are aware of her situation and backed-up by her doctor, what other purpose can the phone calls serve, except to harass?

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  • Ji
      27th of Apr, 2010

    Sorry, my LAST comment was posted to this complaint by accident. It was meant to be posted to a different complaint regarding Chase. Somehow, I got the complaints confused...Wrong tab! Please disregard my LAST comment!

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  • Ja
      3rd of Jun, 2010
    Chase Cardmember Services - Makes you pay to receive fraud refund!
    Chase Cardmember Services
    United States

    If you have purchased or received a CHASE Gift Card, you better use it quick and now! This is because if you have unexpected activities on your card, even if you did not lose the card, the bank tries to make money off of you and make you pay a fee to replace or close the account!

    They tell you that there are fees associated with replacing the card and closing the account. Whether you choose to replace the card that has fraudulent activities or close the account completely, they make you pay a fee. They also tell you that this fee is not waivable, because apparently it takes them a lot of money to do so. Also, if you are arguing about the fraud, if you don't pay this replacement or account closing fee, they reverse the credit and you get NOTHING back!!! So I basically was threatened to pay the fee or I lose the $60 fraud amount.

    They also make you a lot of trouble going back and forth with the whole investigation.

    I though gift card is supposed to help you secure your credit card and money, and yet Chase is trying to make money off of you. I had my card in my possession the entire time, and never used it online either, and have only used it in restaurants. How is a gift card different from a regular credit card? If there is unusual activities on your card, the bank always refund you the amount immediately, replace the card for you immediately with no fees, and then investigate! So it's a lot more money to make gift cards?! Bank gift cards make you purchase them already, and now they ask you for replacement fee when I did not lose my card, but it has to be replaced because of fraud! Ridiculous! How come regular stores who sell gift cards never make you pay additional fees?!

    Someone please tell me, am I being unreasonable?! So I'd like to warn everyone once again, if you have purchased and received a CHASE gift card, you better use it now and quick and never purchase from them again! American Express is the way to go, their cards never expire, no dormant fees and no replacement fees! CHASE has absolutely horrible customer service even though I have been their Credit Card customer for over 10 years and they tell me I have to replace the card, pay the fee in order to favour the dispute in my direction! I am a victim of a credit card fraud! Something is seriously wrong here I think.

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  • An
      30th of Sep, 2010

    you borrowed the lost a job? now that you are graduating you want chase to free up"your" money so you can by a cap and gown.NOt really undersatnding you say I want "my money back"?what are you saying?They took money away from you or they froze your line of credit.The line of credit is not your money its theirs and they were lending it to you through a credit card.If you stop paying as promised, then yes they will cut you off...DUH and of course they will call you.They are bound by laws on how much contact Ie if you dont answer the phone they will keep calling till they reach a certain number, receive a cease order settle the debt or begin to make contact with you.I owed chase alot 5K, They frozoe the balance and as long as I made min payments they kept the interest at 0 till pd off.BUT I had to NEVER MISS NOR BE LATE!!! iIt was a great program and helped me rebuild my credit score because they reported me as making pymts as agreed...alot of people are blaming banks and the goverment for their poor choices...its time we all looked in the mirror and realized the financial mess has lots of participants!!!

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