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Chase Card Services / chase tried to jack up my interest rate by 7% — twice

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Phone: 800-945-2000

My recent statement indicated an effective APR that was 7% higher than last month. When I called to find out why, a rude oriental woman, with poor English skills, said that I had not responded to a "change in terms" letter supposedly mailed to me in May. Since I had not received such a letter, I asked her if it was sent by certified mail. She said "No, it was sent regular mail." As I inquired further she became impatient and began accusing me of arguing with her. Then she had the gall to suggest that maybe someone else saw it and threw it away. (Her "blame the customer" customer service technique was pretty lame, even for the blood-suckers at Chase).

For the record, I personally bring in the mail on a daily basis. Neither my wife nor I just flippantly sort through it and chunk it in the trash--she even opens junk mail. Chase just assumed that I received the letter (and didn't really care if I DID as long as they could legally say that they notified me of the change--but they can't PROVE it).

This technique is typical of the unethical way Chase does business. They make you reply to their "invitation" to be screwed (which any normal person would decline), or they screw you. Seriously, what ### would willingly agree to have their APR jacked up 7% for no reason other than Chase wants to make more money in a bad economy? It's not like I was late on a payment; it was completely ARBITRARY.

I am supposedly being sent another notice to decline the change in terms. We'll see what happens.


The first time Chase tried to screw me involved their bogus, money-grubbing policy of "Universal Default." While taking a stack of bills to the post office one of them fell between my passenger seat and the center console.

This was a gasoline credit card that I used about four times a year (just to keep it from going dormant). Well I didn't discover the bill until it was already past due. Chase's response was to try and raise my APR 7%. When I refused, I was forced to close the account (not that it was any big loss).

Now mind you, the balance due the oil company was a whopping 40 dollars which I paid in one lump sum plus the late fee (fair enough, the fault WAS mine). So where does Chase come off thinking that they get to screw me when the late payment did not involve THEM at all?

And, unlike some other banks, there is no mechanism to restore your original terms after one late payment. You could keep your account in good standing for six years afterwards, but your rate stays the same. Once Chase jacks up your rate, it's time to look for another credit card issuer.


Now that Chase, like a cancer, has bought WAMU I will have the pleasure of closing three accounts in one day. I will not do business with these people ever again and neither should you.

Awaken people! Chase isn't the only bank or credit card issuer around so don't be a fool. Use a local bank or check out Simmons First National for low rates and representatives who speak English as their first language.

Chase Card Services
Chase Card Services

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  • Na
      24th of Sep, 2009
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    Chase raised our interest rate 11% at one time, and they claim that the payment was late. The payment was mailed 2 weeks before the due date (not just put in an envelope actually mailed). Then the refused to do anything about it, same as above customer service (or at least thats that they call them) speak VERY POOR english and are very rude.

  • De
      19th of Oct, 2009
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    I know of a company that can settle this debt down to about half of what you currently owe. Send me an email to

  • Jo
      20th of Nov, 2009
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    Chase in singularly the WORST BANK on the planet, bar none. I have had one of their cards for years. 6 mos. ago I got a notice saying they were raising my rate from 7.99% to 12.99%. Now I am not one to carry a balance, or at least much of one at all...but I have HIGH FICO score (over 800), never late, all that stuff. I called them, told them I was a long-time customer and they DID NOT CARE. Simply told me I can close the account if I want. Well I didn't, out of convenience sake and knowing that I carry so little balance I figued I'd close it on my terms. And I had another Chase card which I hadn't used in years so I called them to cancel it and they talked me out of it, suggesting I keep it. I said fine, why not. Then 3 mos. later I get another "love letter" from Chase. Guess what? THEY canceled that card for non-use! They do things strictly on their terms, with utter disregard for their customers. CHASE SUCKS. But what irks me is, when I go in person to pay my bill at a branch (yes I still do that, I prefer this that way I get a receipt showing time of payment) they ALWAYS ask me to sign up for another card, open an account, etc. Of course I lay the "why I hate Chase" story on them and they seem amazed. Sometimes they relent, other times I get challenged. I've had teller-types and bottom-feeding, blueshirt manager-types alike imply I must somehow be a credit risk or something, as if I'm lying. Go ahead say it, why don't I just close the account? As I said it was a convenience thing, all my auto-payments are set up for this card. So in part this is my fault, to be sure. I've been lazy about it. I'll cop to that. But CHASE STILL SUCKS. NOW yesterday I get another terms notice. It's going to a variable, currently over 15%. Now to be sure, I will never ever have a balance on that card nor will I do business with Chase. I would advise anyone considering doing business with Chase to think otherwise! Oh yeah I did get a Simmons card, the rate is great and customer service has been very good! I recommend Simmons. They are picky and selective, but if you can qualify I recommend looking into their cards. Yes Simmons customer service is in the US, Arkansas I think. Chase CS in my experience is in India, regardless of what lies are told by the dimwits on the phone.

  • Mi
      16th of Jan, 2010
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    I supposedly got a piece of snail mail delivered to me in August (even though I am enrolled in all paperless), and I 'missed' it. I was not aware that after being a loyal customer, not one late payment, and a supposed lifetime fixed interest rate of 8.99%, they had decided to change my APR to a variable rate of minimum of 13.99+% beginning in November 2009.

    When I called to ask why and that I had received no notification for the change in terms, Mr. Gibson, a smug, pompous rep explains that "Chase is suffering in this poor economy and is no longer honoring any customers' fixed APR rates, no matter how good a customer..." Really? I also asked why I had received no notice to the change in terms, and he smugly answered that it was sent back in August via snail mail. I told him that I did not get it, and why was it not sent via email, like all of my correspondence was supposed to be sent?

    He smugly explained that I could either close my account and pay off my balance at 8.99% or accept the new terms. I'm no dummy - I have a credit score of over 800 and a line of credit of over $20000 with Chase - I can't close it without doing significant damage to my credit history!!! I told him as rudely as he told me that I will be paying off my small balance, and when I do, never to do business with them again!

    My husband and I are BOTH out of work right now. We are struggling to make ends meet to simply eat every day. And Chase, a huge corporation who just got a large bailout is 'struggling' and cannot help its customers????? REALLY????

    That very day, I transferred my balance to my Discover Card...within minutes they offered me 0% transfer balance AND they offered me a 3.9% APR on my card through July 2010. Discover is a company that truly cares about its customers, and in these tough uncertain times, it meant more than anyone could have imagined. They were willing to work with me and actually REDUCE my rate, rather than increase it at a time when it means most for money to stay in my pocket!

    Chase is by far the WORST bank/organization I have ever dealt with, and I will never do business with them again! What a shame...

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