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I was working out today and thought how dumb that Chase commercial is where the woman is attending a yoga class and has her smart phone on in the class and stoops down to make a bank overdraft transaction during a pose. Any one who has ever attended a yoga class, and there are millions, knows that we turn out cell phones off out of courtesy for others and do not distract ourselves during a yoga class. It obvious the agency that did this commercial never attended a yoga class and has no respect for yoga, except to make a commercial. A little, even the bare minimum, of research would have helped.

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      9th of Feb, 2011

    I think this commercial is fantastic; it's great for highlighting yoga as a mainstream practice, great for laughs, and great for getting the point across about how effective/easy it is to manage a Chase account. What's there to complain about? Don't be offended, it's just advertising. And sure they did take some creative leeway, but that's there job, to be creative!

    I bet that the creative genius behind this ad has been to many yoga classes. I am a yoga teacher, have taught over 1000 classes and seen everything from a student knoting themselves up trying to mimic one of the more pretzely students to a student actually texting in class (literally, just last week, she was 16 and texting her mom when to pick her up). Of course instructors do the best we can to create distraction free environments where we encourage students to focus on theselves, but life happens. It's all a journey and someone might not be where you are in your journey. The beauty of this fact is that it allows us to have more patience and tolerence.

    I hope you smile the next time you see or even think of that commercial. Mostly because nothing is worth frowning or even complaining about!

    Does anyone have a link to that Chase commercial? Want to post it on some friends' walls!

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